In light of the too little / too much conundrum explained above

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In light of the too little / too much conundrum explained above, the question for RightCapital’s co-founders became: Is it possible to create a solution that uses complex and robust models to solve the client’s problems but present the results in simple and intuitive ways? Shuang Chen was discussing this with his younger brother Song Chen, a tech guru in financial service industry, on their way back from a family gathering in summer of 2012. They became so engrossed in the question that they began creating scratches and building financial models right after they got home that night. After three years of thinking, designing, building (and very little sleep), RightCapital launched their innovative financial planning and tax-aware solution in September 2015. A raft of favorable reviews from industry experts and financial trade publications came flowing in. Today, the RightCapital team continues on, listening to its users and perfecting the product.


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