ICT or Information Communication technology in Education is a technical term in which means that it is a unified communication with the use of technology to access

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ICT or Information Communication technology in Education is a technical term in which means that it is a unified communication with the use of technology to access,transmit,store and manipulate information.

ICT or information Communication Technology in Education are now widely use since we are in a more advanced and technology dependent world. It is said that with ICT students are taught technology to prepare them in future careers since most workplace are full of technology it would be a skill and an advantage not only that but to prepare them for just our daily lives since almost everything around us is compose of different types of technology to the point that many claims we in future humans would be non-existent in workplace.

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As we all know and those who have experienced at least a little or modern education you can say that because of technology education has become more efficient in a way a lot of information are easily acquired and a lot of things can be done in just a few minutes because in ICT it improves education in a way because with this teachers are given a task of providing and creating strategies to make the class and the study interesting and understandable in a way. Using media or the internet to provide education can be hard because of distractions and misinformation but it would provide a better use of technology in teaching, it gives time and options for teachers to evaluate the ways of studies of each individuals rather than using only one. It creates a more individual chance to students that may not be the type to study in a single manner.

One of the mainly use technology is the internet and because of mobile phones , laptops , desktops and other gadgets, the internet has become the friend of all people its has become a way of getting and providing information, a way of communication and entertainment. Specially in education its has become the access of all student or non student to learn even without teachers. It is the main go to place of all people that wants to learn but in education with ICT it creates a better learning and strategic use of the internet the knowledge of creating a place in which getting information isn’t just to know but to learn and also give opportunities for teachers to create a new use for the information on hand as long as it is controlled and handled wisely and created in a way that students can focus on work rather than get distracted it would be a great tool for education.

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