How can a leaderHow can a leader

How can a leader?strive?for excellence? I asked this question to myself while I was leading my team on a residential trip and now as I?critically?evaluate myself thinking about the experience I had. Leadership can be broadly explained as an act of ”in?uencing and inspiring others beyond desired outcomes” (Nevarez, et al., 2013)

The members of my team influenced my decision in many ways. My experiences opened different meanings and set new milestones in terms of leadership. In this essay, I would be self-reflecting based upon the experience and would be critically evaluating the situation including the appropriate academic support.

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Reflection learning is an important aspect for the budding leaders. Inorder to increase one’s ability, one have to repeatedly grow, learn and reflect based upon his experiences. This quote from Moon (2004) states that,
Being reflective itself has a broader connotations as it is more like a long-term characteristic of a person’s behaviour, rather than description of mental activity A person who is reflective seems to be someone who comfortably and successfully engages in mental activity of reflection and would make decision that are well considered.