Gun ownership is an is important issue specially in United States as 22% of the Americans own gunsGun ownership is an is important issue specially in United States as 22% of the Americans own guns

Gun ownership is an is important issue specially in United States as 22% of the Americans own guns (35% of men and 12% of woman) and this is a very high percentage worldwide as the America gun culture comes from its colonial history and revolutionary roots . This problem has developed recently globally especially in the united states after California recent shooting where 14 innocent lives were taken. Some people think that gun ownership must be banned to reduce crime rates while others think that everyone should own a gun to protect oneself.

Putting more gun control laws which regulate the possession and purchase of firearms, waiting periods required for purchase and the persons who are forbidden from owning firearms would decrease crime rates. People who support this idea believe that more restrictions on gun ownership would reduce gun death as American children under age 15 are more likely to die of gun shooting than children in other advanced countries , another study shows that if we implement federal universal background checks, we can reduce firearm deaths by a projected 56.9%. The gun deaths between 1999 and 2013 were 464,033.The main cause of death by homicide was guns firearms which were the 12th leading cause of all death which represents 1.3% of total deaths before liver disease, deaths from fires, drowning, machinery accidents. This statistics shows that gun ownership is a serious problem which threats the American community compared to other communities, Thus the American government should put into consideration the importance of implementing stricter gun control laws.

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In addition People rarely use guns to defend themselves .That is to say the guns which people use to defend themselves against violent crimes were very rare compared to the guns used in killing. Between 2007 and 2011, 29,618,300 crimes were committed and it was found that 0.79% of victims could protect themselves with a threat of use or use of a firearm .Also 0.12% of victims of property crimes committed in the same period could protect themselves. These numbers shows that guns used in self-defense represent a very small percentage so the importance of owning a gun to defend one-self is non sense.

On the other hand, the opponents to gun control laws believe that Gun control laws don’t prevent crime while gun ownership prevent them. they say that the crimes are reduced by owning guns not by laws that are against it. Between 1980 and 2009 a study was made and it stated that weapon bans did not affect murder rates at the state level. As criminals don’t obey the law and they don’t care about laws issued by the state, they believe that the fears of the criminals from the victim’s gun ownership may stop them from attacking the victims thus the criminals have a much easier job because they are not afraid of the victims reaction. So, if the guns are banned the criminals only will own the guns. this was obviously clear between 1982 and 2012, 49 out of 62 mass shooting were made by legally obtained guns.

Furthermore ,Gun Control Laws oppose the right to self-defense and sense of safety .We can’t prevent people from defending themselves against criminals as the right to defend themselves is a basic natural right that groups out of the right to life .even though one of the famous gun control advocate, Senator Dianne Feinstein, carried a gun which she was hiding when her live was threatened by the new world liberation Front in the 1970s . A May 9, 2013 survey stated that 48% of the criminals admitted that they didn’t commit crimes when they knew that the victims were armed with guns. This shows that gun owner s are difficult target for the criminals.

To sum up gun ownership will always be an argumentative case as some people call for strict gun control laws having their own strong and reasonable reasons while their opponents believe that these laws will not solve the problem of gun deaths also with strong and reasonable reasons. Each party supports his ideas with statistics which are not the only way a point can be proven about the painful effects of gun death. Stories from parents who have lost children or children who have lost their parents are more harder than statistics.