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Ola Bola, a widely praised and a generally welcomed film by the entire Malaysian was created by one of the biggest movie organizations in Malaysia, Astro Shaw and coordinated by the multi-grant winning chief, Chiu Keng Guan. Chiu, a Chinese Batu Pahat, who had already coordinated three component films under his discography; Wooho! (2010), The Great Day (2011) and The Journey (2014) in which, every one of these films had effectively hit the “crate office” rate (Yeoh, 2016). In view of the summary taken from the official site of the motion picture Ola Bola, which was first debuted in the films across the nation on the 28th of January 2016 is an anecdotal motion picture that depended on the genuine occasion set in the 1980s amid wild monetary occasions. It was about a far-fetched group of footballers each with individual difficulties that made every one of them split under strain. They discovered quality among themselves and strived for their one shot of global radiance, which is to contend at the Olympic levels. The street to Olympic 1980 was all the soul they had in stretching themselves as far as possible. In any case, the entire squad was feeling crushed when they at long last got the news that Malaysia would not be joining the diversions. This is because of the way that Malaysia had boycotted the Olympic host nation of that specific, Russia for Soviet intrusion who announced war in the Afghanistan. The blacklist was made as to demonstrate solidarity towards Afghanistan. Malaysia was a piece of the square that was driven by the United States which proposed and drove the blacklist of the Olympic Games in Moscow to dissent the late 1979 Soviet intrusion of Afghanistan (The Star, 2016). A meeting with the chief of Ola Bola, directed by Lew Yew Meng (2016) was distributed on one of Malaysia’s most conspicuous online news, the Malay Mail Online. In the talk with, Chiu had portrayed that turning out with the motion picture depended on his incredible enthusiasm for football and had imagined of making a photo around one. With three gigantically attractive movies added to his repertoire, his opportunity for some liberality had arrived. As indicated by Fuziah, (2004) motion picture producers in Malaysia have for some time been planning to take into an extremely genuine thought about the nation’s yearning to watch the kindred individuals from broadcasting division and additionally Malaysia’s film creators to deliver items which are perfect to the global preparations or as of which has been called as the world class creation. Plainly, the entire group has responded to the call and all set to deliver a world class standard of the motion picture. The way toward social occasion every one of the groups to do examine, content composing, area exploring, throwing, acting exercises, and that’s just the beginning, had been started; which took up one entire year. Another three months was taken for shooting and set arrangements, closet fittings, and football preparing, particularly the strategic moves. Two months for the real taping and a half year more for postproduction. The aggregate of the months taken with a specific end goal to screen the motion picture at the films was up to 23 months. The report had additionally expressed that as Chiu and his group plotted also, overhauled the content, they were continued being overwhelmed with nationalistic feelings. As a result, Ola Bola was not only a “football” film any longer. Chiu widely clarified that he trusted his prosperity in making every one of his movies super-hit was on the grounds that his motion pictures figured out how to catch Malaysian circumstances great; their delights, desolations, unconventionalities, trusts, unreasonableness, taboos, irritations; to give some examples. He made it adequate for the Malaysian watchers and film goers to giggle at one another and themselves. The fresh altering, no over-acting and with just the correct measurements of entertainment, made everything the more tasteful (Lew, 2016).

2.1.1Success = Hard Work
Many of us craves for success without knowing that there is a lot of hard work involved. Hard work maybe the key ingredient for success, but it’s not the only way to achieve it. Hard work must be combined with some other elements to be successful. The proviso to the “hard work” advice is that hard work alone would not came up with guarantee of success. You have to have direction and goals. From our perspective, we watch popular football players, for example, Lionel Messi, Neymar or Ronaldo, one thing that is plainly recognizable is every one of them make it look so natural to play football. As a general rule, the main reason they can make it look so natural is a result of a huge number of hours that they have been rehearsing to accomplish an abnormal state of competency. So also in Ola Bola, the goalkeeper Muthu made the significant punishment spare in the last match because of the incalculable number of long stretches of training that he did late during the evening. In spite of being worn out from preparing and filling in as an elastic tapper, despite everything he made it a point to rehearse late during the evening as he needed to succeed seriously
2.1.2Always believe in the impossible
The Coach, Harry Mountain, assumed control over a group of players that were in shambles and even their own supporters didn’t trust the group could win a diversion, yet alone achieving the 1980 Olympic Games. In any case, Coach Harry had diverse thoughts. He had an unfaltering conviction that the group had genuine jewels and all the group needed to do was put stock in themselves and one another. Through steady support, creative strategies and notwithstanding publicizing in the media that he has an entire squad of extraordinary players, the players in the long run did the incomprehensible and won the last match of the 1980 Olympic Games qualifier. Here’s a quote by Tommy Lasorda, “The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person’s determination”. A person must have determination when they want to achieve the goal in their mind. Through persistent trying and hard work, miracle may happen.

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2.1.3Never give up on your
First, the themes of this movies that we learning is never give up on your dream even the things was not importance or small matter. This story are telling about the team of Malaysian football player they want to take part the Olympics of 1980.Each of the player have their own skill and story even want to achieve their dreams and keep work hard in any way to getting the qualification of Olympics 1980.Their always discussing about their fault even helping each of player who need for help to reach their dream together. They also sacrifice lot of things when during this process. So, one of the player is Muthu, a player who the most helpful in whole team even their parent oppose and scold him stupid. He also never give up to achieve his dreams to contribution for the team to reach success. In addition, Muthu was come from peaceful family background and he need to work much even multiple jobs to support his family. He also need have strong resistant from his father whenever he back home even he want to remained in the team when during the final game of the Olympic qualifier and giving them support.

2.1.4Teamwork cooperation
Next, the themes of this movies is teamwork cooperation to beyond talent personality. In the movies that was all player want to show their personal skill and talent to the coach. And the highlight is when Ali rejected to pass the ball to his fellow, Eric even Eric have a better scoring position to a goal. It is because Ali think that he is better than Eric and Eric also believe his fellow, Ali have a good judgment ability to a goal. So we can see they have showing a teamwork on this case. However, the turning point in the movies was when the coach sent the whole team for an intensive training, they were receive a precious of teamwork. So, after this case that was change the mindset of each players, and they began to believe that teamwork cooperation to beyond talent personality even they are different race or color, but they still live together as a team.

3.1Do they help nation-building/instilling unity issues among the people?
Yes, they did. Through this movie “Ola Bola” we can found that here are the most suitable movie to describe with our country Malaysia. Malaysia are multi ethnic country with Malay, Chinese, India, Kadazan and other ethnic. We cannot define that we are hot having racist issues, but we can through this movie to learn about nation-building or instilling unity issues to our citizens. First of all, the movie start with an internally divided Malaysian national football team has suffered unsuccessful losses due to lack of teamwork. The personal and family problems that each player faces in the big environment are gradually putting the team on the verge of collapse. In this team, are not only one ethnic inside they have different ethnic and they might have different view and culture also the most importance which is lack of team work. In every tournament, they always lack of team work and lost the tournament, but they still no realize on that, and they always feel that is someone wrong or mistake and let the team lost. Ali feel that a team do not have teamwork that is no reason to stay in the team and Ali drop out of the team. After Ali drop out his sister tell him lot of reason and he just put down him self-esteem and again join the team. After the team have enough people the coach start to have practice and having military training camp. After take part in this camp, all the members are getting more unity and also no longer with perseverance with anything and slowly become a unity football team and lastly won the tournament. In this story we can saw that they try to instilling unity to people that if a group in a team the most importance thing are unity, when a team without unity most the thing will get lost. When a team become unity and trust within the members, not only can success also and let other know that we are a unity team we not just only having skills we also having unity to win the game.

3.2Do they shed light to certain controversial issues in the society?
Yes they did. In this movie all the team members are came from poor family and their dream are become an outstanding football player. In this realistic society most of the people are think that a football player cannot make money and supporting their family. In this movie they shed light shed light that our society are not supporting their child or family to become a football player or other sport player. Most of the people have a common thinking which is sport player are just a sport not to job to make money and support your family. In this movie that show that the controversial issues which is “Tauke” sister said to him morning you need to cutting glue and working after working you have to practice with football, and why so hard and this football cannot make money why you still continue this. Another is Muthu’s father also blaming Muthu everyday just know to play with football do not find a proper job and blame him are rubbish. This two show that everyone family are not supporting their family members become sport player because it waste time and money and not a proper job.
3.3Could there be a better way to handle the issues in the movie
In my opinion, there was some better way to handle the issues in the movie. Our country are built with different race, skin color, identity and religion. Simultaneously, the football team also built with different race such as Chinese captain, an India goalkeeper, a Punjabi defender and a Malay new striker.
The new coach, Harry Mountain must have an effective communication with the football player to avoid the misunderstanding, increase believe in the team and overcome the native egocentrism and sociocentrism. The coach changes them from defensive team to offensive team without explain the objective that he had changed. The coach is also going to replace Eric with the main force of the 10th attacker. This make other players very dissatisfied especially the other offensive player Ali. Eric has become the illusion competitor of other player. This situation make their team have no team spirit and cooperation to win the match of the Olympic Gamer qualifier. If the coach communicates with the player and gets their opinion about who is more suitable for the 10th attacker. The player will also not feel unfair about the decision of Harry Mountain. Ali must believe Eric’s ability and capability that he can lead the team to get the Olympic Gamer qualifier.
Soon, the coach has arrange a friendship game with other football team from other countries in order to train them before the Olympic game come. In the first friendship match, captain also known as Tauke and Ali would not pass the ball to Eric. The coach know Ali’s leg is injured so Abu was sent to the field by the coach with direction insisted Abu attack from left but Tauke order Abu do not follow the coach’s direction with attack from the right. Abu cannot make the decision and this causing Tauke given a red card in match because he stubbornly using his own tactics in the match. Captain Tauke felt that was his fault because the match lose and the team lose team spirit so he decided to give up and quit the team. Become the football player of the country, based on the situation, Abu need the capacity of rational thought to make the decision with his reason and choice. Abu also need to have self-directed thinking to complete the match and believe himself. I think if Abu using the reason to solve the problem, the match will not lose.
3.4Could there be a better conclusion to this movie
I think there will be a better conclusion to the movie Ola Bola if the football player have an effective communication and problem-solving abilities in figuring out solution. Tauke and Ali are too self-vested thinking (egocentrism) with stubborn to listen and thinking they are all so right. Their ego made their fans who always support them and all Malaysian lose hope in the team. The teammate started fall with all anger, disappointed and misunderstanding between each other. If Tauke and Ali more considering other people’s reasoning, they will win the friendship match. Although at the end Ali and the teammates have to give up because they knew Malaysia have beaten Olympic, but Tauke encourage them and the perseverance spirit of the whole team, they won the game. All the publice of Malaysia felt proud of them. The movie wanted to convey all the public of the Malaysia, we must unity among each other in the country. In the movie we can see the 3 different races (Malay, Chinese and Indian) living in one country and forming a multiracial football team.

In spite of the fact that the sorts of code-exchanging made up some portion of the destinations in this examination, the principle motivation behind the paper isn’t to appear or evaluate code exchanging that has occurred. Or maybe, it is to feature its allure in utilizing code switch and how Malaysians can identify with the film until the point when it earned film industry across the nation. From the three sorts of code exchanging specified are colossally utilized in the motion picture, which fundamentally exhibited the favorite example of dialect utilized in this interactional setting. The motion picture has effectively depicted the genuine code exchanging situation and also the kinds of code exchanging utilized. Regardless of the principle class of Ola Bola is sports, various related scenes have some way or another given a moderately enormous effect on the estimation of solidarity, patriotism, solidarity, companionship, and family ties among numerous others. The selection of throws involving different ethnic foundations has truly depicted the delightful pith of the Malaysian society as far as the flexibility of the dialects utilized in Malaysia. As films are prevalent amusement henceforth could be a standout amongst other medium of correspondence which could impact the considerations of the country both mentally and inwardly, it is trusted that there will be more Malaysian motion picture creators who might wander into delivering films, for example, Ola Bola as the exertion would altogether add to building and upgrading the country’s quality and solidarity. It is likewise qualified to take note of that despite the fact that this film depends on obvious occasions, the setting of this motion picture occurred in the time of 1970’s to 1980. The discourse of the time presently as far as code exchanging sorts and reasons may have augment and cover greater factors, subsequently may vary from the period from the 80’s. Additionally studies can be produced from ongoing motion pictures on the ad as extra style of code change to additionally demonstrate the most recent code switch style in Malaysia and its effect on country building, especially concerning solidarity and solidarity of its multilingual speakers. Ola Bola takes Malaysians back to 1980s, motivated by genuine occasions, the story includes the 80s Malaysian football group and their battles in fitting the bill for the 1980 Moscow Olympics. This film cheers the solidarity, pride, energy and constancy of the multiracial Malaysian football group in hoisting their notoriety for being the legends to their Malaysian football fans. Ola Bola is a film for all Malaysians, paying little mind to race and religion (Ola Bola, Jan 12, 2016).

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