” Good design is not just aesthetics” Good design is not just aesthetics

” Good design is not just aesthetics, it is much more than what we see”

Art and design are frequently commixed in the same bucket and the properties of one sometimes drip on top of the other. Art is impressionistic, where there are virtually no rules. Whereas in design, one can assemble a list of principles, revealing that there rules in design and suggesting that design is objective. However, design is not totally objective as there some different preferences, making design a little bit of both objective and subjective. Additionally, design is about effectively communicating useful ideas into concrete forms to an intended audience.

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Firstly, we should consider if the design is useful. A useful design solves problems and through its design, it optimises a given functionality. When designing anything, we need to ask ourselves whether it meets the user’s needs or not. For example, it does not matter if the product looks good because as soon as it does not solve the problem it, it does not fulfil the purpose of its existence. Clearly, functionality is primary to ensure a product is well designed and it serves its purpose to the user without any issues. Therefore, good design is functional.

Secondly, we should engage and connect with the audience’s feelings and minds through design. Design is a visual communication which invites viewers to collaborate with anything like a brand. As an example, by creating a positive impression with ample space and splendid composition, can attract viewers. Despite having designs with full of text and imagery, it is tough to even realise what you are looking at, making you feel confused or repulsed by the design. The visual space in a design will have a large effect on how viewers interact with and understand the design. A terrific composition that is easy to operate will aid viewers sense at ease and inspire them to spend more time looking at the design. To clarify, creating an open and comfortable feeling in your design will attract viewers to look at your design for a long period and hence, good design is being able to engage emotionally and intellectually with people.

Lastly, design should be as simple as possible. Simple designs are simpler to apprehend, cheaper to manufacture, and simpler to restore if needed than complex ones. For instance, though complicated websites may look attractive, they are not usually successful in helping users to navigate through these websites as they are confused on where to tap next to find whatever they need due to non-essential elements, resulting in poor design. By eliminating unimportant aspects such as content that does not improve the user’s experiences, the website will be easy to use. To illustrate, simple design is getting the job done, making it look good, feel good and contextually relevant but not overdoing it. Thus, good design is as little as possible.

Ultimately, good design has more than what meets the eye, it is not only what looks good, but also needs to perform, convert, fulfil its purpose and get the job done.