Germany one of the strongest economy in Europe with a stable job marketGermany one of the strongest economy in Europe with a stable job market

Germany one of the strongest economy in Europe with a stable job market. It is home to numerous Multi National companies of the world such as SAP, Bosch, Accenture, ThysenKrupp, Audi, Mercedes, BMW etc and is known for its R&D and innovation. Flexible post study stay of 18 months and affordable & high quality education also played an important role in selecting Germany for MBA. The cost of living in Germany is relatively low in comparison with other European countries.

And as for Mannheim Business school, it is located in the heart of European Economy and is the top ranked Business school in Germany. It is also the one of the triple accredited business school which itself is a very big thing. It Is known for its reputation and internationally experienced faculty. It can provide me with the ideal environment to realise my full potential and become a business leader. It’s small batch size of 60 students will also ensure that I get a personalised learning experience , enhance my knowledge base and achieve my overall goals. With over 90% of students admitted coming from outside Germany, the Mannheim MBA can provide a truly international mba experience and will only help to improve my communication skills. The creativity talks, weekly mentoring sessions with experienced entrepreneurs besides lectures and talks from top business leaders can provide major networking opportuinities. The international exchange and internship offered during the MBA can help me understand the foreign market well, increase my international network, learn about the requirements for an international career and get exposure to a totally different culture and way of life.?The various students clubs can help me to improve my communication, attitude and work ethics. Meeting new students, making connections, and building relationships will all help down the line when I am looking for a job.

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Mannheim MBA could also open doors if I need to switch careers, by introducing me to a new network of contacts, giving me time to focus on professional development and accumulate new interest.
It will help find new ways to carry out business and be exposed to different course subjects that may open my eyes to an opportunity I may not have considered as a career path before you graduated.
The Multi Competency Team Project ,Soft Skill courses and Workshops which are an integral part of Mannheim MBA will only help to sharpen my team building and leadership skills.

Personally it’s an opportunity to become more independent and self-confident as I step outside my comfort zone and navigate unfamiliar territory. Attending classes and study sessions, completing assignments on time and pushing through complex coursework will help me cultivate a level of self confidence over time. The financial incentives of higher salaries and signing bonuses. The strategic thinking skills learned during the MBA can be applied across various areas of life such as personal goals and finances. The education and skills gained during the MBA can play a major role increasing the self confidence.

Therefore I think persuing MBA at Mannheim Business School, the entire classroom experience, interaction with faculty and peers, student activities, case studies will radically transform my career both professionally and personally.