Franklin also made many changes within the American governmentFranklin also made many changes within the American government

Franklin also made many changes within the American government. Ben Franklin has had a significant impact on America and its society. Franklin traveled out to France towards the beginning of the Revolution as a diplomat of the thirteen colonies. He arrived in Paris with lots of intelligence. No one else had his capabilities or achievements. The years that Ben had spent in Paris were very productive ones for America. Ben’s goal was to help set up the United States for success in the future for years to come. During the 1950’s the United States ended up making ten volumes of the United States Foreign Affairs while the Revolution was still going on. A lot of the work put into the foreign affairs is because of Franklin and his ideas. The colonies needed help to win the war. These long years of battle made it necessary for France and Britain to have a leader such as Ben. He made a great leader. While Franklin was serving he never once was taken advantage of. While Franklin had been in Paris there were many events in which scientists and writers had all joined together and everyone was curious about Franklin. He was everything they wanted to be. A man of courage, whit, and he was a very open man when it came to politics. He had many stories to tell. Franklin was a man who not only changed the America but the entire world. This man was a legend. Once the war had finally ended there were many changes but peace was still a big issue. The people with more power thought that they would benefit from using an alliance with America and Ben. Franklin came up with a separate treaty and made sure to state in it what was best for America. He declared independence of the United States and its government. America finally had boundaries enforced because of Franklin. These examples show that Franklin is driven to try things in his own way.