For this research paper I have chosen the city of San Francisco located in the United States of America in the state of CaliforniaFor this research paper I have chosen the city of San Francisco located in the United States of America in the state of California

For this research paper I have chosen the city of San Francisco located in the United States of America in the state of California. I chose this city since I have intentions of living in the northern California area in the future, especially in the San Francisco area. For that reason, I am interested of learning the groups of individuals who lives in the city and how diversity affects the residents of the city. Understanding how San Francisco is prior to research, there is a huge diversity scene among the people; diversity in religion, cultures, and races as well. Having said, I expect that the results of my research will show that there is a huge turnout of mixed religions in the city of San Francisco and the mix of races as well. To add on, since the LGBT community is a big influence at the city, I would expect that the religion aspect would lean outwards from the Christian and Catholic spectrum.
In 1835, an Englishman named William Richardson established a settlement relatively close to the San Francisco bay which he called “Yerba Buena” – due to the beautiful scenery the area had and the cool climate weather it had during the summer. During that same time till the early 1840s, many Americans were settling in the area as well (Lambert p.3). By July 1846, the USS Portsmouth had carried sailors and marines to head over and land on the San Francisco bay. Once arrived, they raised the American flag and had renamed the little settlement to San Francisco, which was renamed after the bay. Two years later, a man by the name of James Marshall discovered gold; news has spread around the United States and reached to New York by December of 1848. With this occurring, the population of San Francisco risen from a population of 800 people in 1847, to 25,000 in 1848(Lambert p.4). Not only did the population of the United States were interested in obtaining riches, as well as China laborers came to obtain gold as well. With the growth of the Asian population in the bay area, Chinatown became one of the biggest settlements outside of the Asian countries (History p.5). Soon, the findings of gold declined and reach its ending by 1853; which soon led to other findings of a material known as “silver”, which was founded by Henry Comstock in 1859. With the findings of these resources and the event of Manifest Destiny, citizens with different types of backgrounds would lead themselves to the city of San Francisco. Transportation such as a continental railroad was built by silver founded in the area in 1868, the city’s first cable car service was established in 1873, and the population grew up to 300,000 people by the early 1900s(Lambert p.5).
During the early 1900s, the San Andreas Fault had erupted and released a horrendous earthquake that was estimated to be 7.8 on the Richter scale. Due to this earthquake occurring, water mains were broken, buildings collapsed, and constant fires were being triggered by the earthquake. The results of the earthquake killed 3,000 people and leaving 250,000 people homeless(History). Further in the 1900s, the city itself was the main station for the World War II’s US soldiers as well as an area that stationed a major armory production center. In late 1960s, the hippie culture in the area was encouraged and grew immensely compared to other cities that had that similar community. Over the years with the hippie culture still relevant, the city encouraged the culture of gays and lesbians and was the primary city to focus on the gay rights movement