Do You Work OutDo You Work Out

Do You Work Out?
Specific Purpose: To persuade people to work out more.
Thesis: There are many reasons to work out and exercise because it can help gain strength, lose weight, and boost self-esteem.
Attention getter: When you look in the mirror, are you satisfied with what you see?
Credibility: I did the research, and looking at many articles, is from the Mayo Clinic, recommends at least 150 minutes of exercise every week. The Mayo Clinic is a nonprofit academic medical center based in Rochester, Minnesota. I also got a lot of my information from health professionals and corporations.
Preview: I will be trying to persuade the listeners to exercise and workout more, as well as list the positives it provides.
Not exercising is not good for our health, and more people need to do it.
High blood pressure, strokes, and possible coronary heart disease are linked to physical inactivity.
A) Clogged veins are a result in not getting enough exercise as well as possible death earlier in life.
Not exercising will cause people to become lazier and allow them to gain weight.
The lazier someone becomes, the less they will do and that will affect their health
Laziness can cause an individual’s relationships with surrounding people in their life, due to certain behavioral changes that lazy people will show, thus losing people.
This may cause the person to become distant from those people and get lonely, or even depressed.
Transition – Now let me explain what is so great about exercise.
II. As many people find it a lot of work to do, it’s not, but the effort to get you going is the hardest part. We should all take part in this to live a better life.
To get your exercise in, it doesn’t have to be hours a day. It can be as simple as walking, or even jogging for a short amount of time. Something to get the body moving.
By getting your exercise in, it will make you feel better.
When doing another activity, you won’t get as tired.
It will help the body avoid getting sick as easily because it helps increase your body’s resistance.
It improves your overall health of your body.
A) It can increase your body’s resistance.
B) It also helps prevent the body from having a stroke.
Transition – If none of these facts impress you, keep in mind that it makes us look better, and stand out to be more attractive.
Conclusion: Just as no one wants to be called fat, ugly, or disgusting by others, none of us want to pass away sooner than we should, just because we didn’t exercise.
Appeal: In turn, we all should try to get in the routine to start exercising on a regular basis as soon as possible. If we all begin now, it will help us stay in shape, make our body healthier, and have us looking forward to a much better, enjoyable life.
Concluding Remarks: What are you waiting for? Start today.

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