Direct Solar Energy Sustainability Celso Villagomez ENV 151 November 11Direct Solar Energy Sustainability Celso Villagomez ENV 151 November 11

Direct Solar Energy Sustainability
Celso Villagomez
ENV 151
November 11, 2018
Fresno Pacific University

Direct Solar Energy Sustainability
Direct solar power is an energy resource that has been and will continue to be a part of a very long and persistent issue. There are so many solar energy companies out there nowadays that have made it more available for people around the world to access this amazing resource. Especially in the United States, there are countless companies providing electricity through solar power panels on top of roofs. This has given many Americans the opportunity to take advantage of power that does not require fossil fuels in order to create electricity. Quite simply, the fact that we have half a day every day of the Sun shining down on our part of the World essentially gives us unlimited access to solar power. So, what can we do to ensure future sustainability of direct solar energy? In short to ensure sustainability of direct solar energy people around the world need to become more aware of the benefits and capable use of solar energy. There needs to be a universal understanding of what can be done with this sort of power instead of using fuels that create carbon pollution, which creates global warming. Although there are other energy sources such as nuclear power, direct solar energy has so much potential in dominating the realm of creating power and energy. All the themes such as shalom, stewardship, sound science, and sustainability are all unifying themes that presents and hold a difference in the total scope of environmental science. Considering there are many solar energy companies and capabilities within the solar power community, I believe that the sustainability of this great potential power for the future is very important in moving forward with a sustainable future for solar power. “Elon Musk insisted that developing sustainable energy resources was the century’s most pressing issue” (Schmitz, 2015). Great minds like him have been able to harness this power and create opportunities for people to utilize this energy without having to compromise the environment. A lot of what Elon Musk does truly embrace future sustainability especially in solar power. In order to create a sustainable system, people need to understand and comprehend that straying away from depleting resources and energy can be done by harnessing the Sun’s power. This can create such a huge difference not only 10 years from now or even 20 years from now but centuries from now, especially in a world where global warming has become a critical factor of how we as a people affect the environment. Unfortunately, this can become a controversial topic between different parties because of the different views and perspectives. In today’s world it seems as though one party is right, and the other is wrong and if there is a disagreement then there shouldn’t even be a thought of mutuality. This can affect the total scope of environmental science and the future sustainability in any aspect of the world because of the different views from different people.
On a better note, there is a sense that the American lifestyle has been to create a sustainable life for the future especially for our children. This lifestyle has become something that the rest the world strives to obtain. What is amazing is the fact that more and more people are open and willing to utilize solar power energy. the negative aspect of this is the fact it can cost a lot of money to utilize solar panels thus giving the perception that only rich Americans can afford and use solar energy. With solar power becoming more available to more and more people every day, just like anything else, the supply and demand of this will soon level out and become something that most, if not all Americans will be able to use. If the United States can create a culture of using solar power and moving away from fossil fuels this can creates a snowball effect for the rest of the world to see this great opportunity in solar power. Once this is realized this can create plenty of jobs for people to install solar power plants and install solar panels on houses and communities all over. Even with potential job loss because of the move away from fossil fuel production, people that were in petroleum-based fuel production can easily transfer over to companies that are utilizing, installing, and maintaining solar power. It would be unrealistic to think that we can move 100% away from fossil fuel energy, however there is such a great opportunity to move forward with solar power that it simply makes too much sense to ensure we move away from fossil fuel consumption as much as possible. “We absolutely believe that solar power can and will become the world’s predominant source of energy within our lifetimes, but there are obviously a lot of panels that have to be manufactured and installed in order for that to happen.”(Musk, 2015).
So, what is direct solar power? Is this something that humankind can harness, utilize, and maintain for the rest of our lives? Absolutely. There many kinds of solar direct power, one including photovoltaic cells, which are those that absorb the sunlight and create electrical power. Another source of solar power is fiber optics; they can be installed outside so energy can be obtained through some lights and be transferred into light for homes, offices, etc. inside. Thermal collectors are a 3rd source of direct solar power which have near black surfaces that’s retain the Sun’s light. This creates a hot surface which heat can then be converted into power and used in circuits. Another amazing way that solar power can be used is the direct solar power used on spacecrafts that absorb sunlight creating power for the craft itself and using it to move. Especially for space shuttles, because they’re in space and have an abundant amount of sunlight. This is the most reasonable way for NASA and other space companies to power their transports. Right off the bat, these great uses of solar power have proven to be better options than that of fossil fuels like coal and oil. With renewable energy like hydro and wind turbines, the Sun can be utilized to even manipulate and create energy for those reusable sources. “There are solar powered water heaters, air conditioner, heaters, ovens and many others that are easy to put together. Start making your own power at home and take advantage of this great way to educate yourself while saving money and helping the environment and learn how to build your own solar panel today” (Makofske, 2012). The potential of solar powered products has formed an opportunity for everyone around the world to use solar and hopefully create sustainability.
Coal, gas, and oil are increasingly being consumed at an extreme rate and these nonrenewable sources have stemmed the reason why reusable and nonpolluting resources like solar power have been created. “Solar energy refers to energy from the sun. The sun has produced energy for billions of years. It is the most important source of energy for life forms. It is a renewable source of energy unlike non- renewable sources such as fossil fuels” (Rinkesh, 2018). The utilization of solar energy has already been used by many countries around the world, yet they are very far from using this energy to the full potential that it has on an everyday basis. There are many aspects of solar energy that can help people to truly comprehend the potential of solar energy which in turn allows for future sustainability with this resource. With solar power being a very clean source of energy, one of the many great benefits of it is not producing any pollutants. Some other very impressive solar energy facts include the following of which have been obtained from Being a completely free source of energy, solar energy is found abundantly even with the Sun being millions of miles away. It can take less than 10 minutes for the speed of light to reach Earth. Modern technology like solar architecture, solar thermal, and solar heating all comprise of heat and light from harnessing from the Sun power. A very interesting fact is that of solar insulation being created by the Sun. This happens with water cycles from the ocean absorbing solar radiation, which creates the temperatures to rise and with the rise of temperature creates clouds from the condensation of the water and with these clouds brings rain and that rain putting water back on to the Earth surface completing the total water cycle. Solar energy is also used by green plants creating bio masses that make up fossil fuels which creates photosynthesis. Year-round cultivation of many crops is also a great benefit from solar power used in greenhouses. Wastewater can be treated without the use of electrical or chemical products. Like the old days and in many other countries the Sun is used to dry clothes on clothes lines and racks, while also the son being a source to cook and even dry foods we eat today. As described above, the future of solar power energy being used as an alternative source has helped to eliminate global climate change created from the uses of fossil fuels. With new scientific research, solar energy can and has a great potential to be cost effective and obviously more efficient in the future. A long-term advantage from this great solar power energy is being a major source of renewable energy. With many empty deserts around the world, this gives an opportunity for thousands of acres of solar panels being installed to absorb and retain the Sun’s energy. In talking about solar panels, a great benefit of these are the very little maintenance needed to ensure they’re working properly and effectively allowing each panel to last for many years at low to no costs. Although an initial cost of installing solar panels can be a big expense for many people, it continues to be used because of the reduced prices paid in their future electric bills. Having no moving parts, solar power is also a noise free energy product that does not require any other sources of fuel for it to work. Right now, solar energy is only providing a very small part of the total energy supply for the world, thus showing how much more solar energy should be used in order to mitigate and minimize the use of fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are even created from the Sun as a main source because coal, gas, and oil are created from plants and animals that have been buried for millions of years.
Through all the above information, direct solar power has a very great and remarkable potential for the future of sustainability and maintaining a civilized Earth. If all else fails, everyone can eventually jump on the future Space-X capsules to start a new life on Mars. Avoiding the possibility for everyone to have to move to another planet, we have a huge responsibility to ensure global climate change will not be the deciding factor for our children’s future living. Harnessing the Sun’s energy has given humanity to ability to make a difference for our future and hopefully take advantage of this resource. The environment and humanity rely on the decisions people make today and near future to safeguard the chance to live for years to come. If everyone can agree on the simple fact that global climate change is happening, and realize that something needs to happen, the future can and will look bright.

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