Description of my first impression of the restaurant and the kitchen at 4****Hotel Caprici Verd

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Description of my first impression of the restaurant and the kitchen at 4****Hotel Caprici Verd.
AS soon I walked in I could feel the warm welcome. I was impressed by the physical environment of the restaurant, the innovative interior design and décor which plays important role to customers’ satisfaction and behavior in any restaurant. The facility aesthetics: painting and pictures are very attractive, wall decorations are visually appealing and colors used create a warm atmosphere. Specious layout: Seating arrangement that gives customers easy movement and relaxing. An excellent dining environment which have a great role to influence the customers. Unique table settings: tableware and linens are very attractive. Ambient: pleasing music at the background that relaxes me and the customers ,comfortable temperature and air aroma that is enticing as well. Subdued lighting which create a warm atmosphere, welcoming and calm, Service staffs: employees are neat and well dressed, attractive employees makes customers feel good. And the kitchen area which is the most crucial part of the restaurant is very nice. The quality of the exterior and interior cleanliness was superb. Perfectly cleaned and hygienic environment which is very important to a very restaurant,inorder to maintain a good and positive image.Courtesy:all the guest are treat with respect, making them feel that they are very important. All employees takes responsibility of their assigned job. The kitchen crew s were very hardworking, honest flexible and attention to detail. I was overwhelmed when I was introduced to some phenomenon group of people I wil be working with and axceptance and welcome they gave me.


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