Corniche Hospital runs under Abu Dhabi Health ServicesCorniche Hospital runs under Abu Dhabi Health Services

Corniche Hospital runs under Abu Dhabi Health Services. Co (SEHA), was able to get SKEA in 2013 for the silver category and move to gold in 2017/ 2018 cycle for its constant progress. Adapting and implementing a business excellence model helped Corniche Hospital to achieve the award by planning strategically for success through considering the main areas of focus, measuring performance, progress benchmarking and planning for excellence.
Corniche Hospital main areas of focus are quality, cost, access and people. The hospital strategy was built around providing quality health services through wining national and international awards such as IBCLC International. Also, lower the cost with increasing the provided service quality. The third focus area is access by developing a new outpatient system that eliminate repetitive visits and reduce waiting time while offering expert care (SEHA, 2013). Lastly, the hospital focuses on developing people through providing leadership training and supporting the staff to win awards for their excellent performance