Completing the FYE 1100 courseCompleting the FYE 1100 course

Completing the FYE 1100 course, I learned a variety of new things from the class, and also a memory refresher from things that I have already learned.
So far, my biggest obstacle is time management. It’s not that I procrastinate, but it’s because my two oldest daughters are in sports and my youngest daughter is a mommy’s girl and wants to be with me 24/7. So, with all of that, I have to find ‘mommy time’ to get my school work done. This class has taught me different ways to deal with time management. It taught me to use a daily or weekly planner, or I could schedule my time week by week. I have learned to find a routine and stick to it! I also learned different ways to study and prepare for exams and tests. I could make review sheets, make mind maps, and make flashcards.
The assignment that helped me the most was the VARK assignment. I did know that I understand and learn better by reading and writing, but I did not know that that I would score a 6 in aural. I thought my kinesthetic learning style would be higher than the aural learning style. The chapter that I found most helpful was the ‘Reading for Success’ chapter. I have always struggled with comprehending when reading. I now know different ways to make sure that I’m comprehending what I’m reading. I know if I don’t understand it, to stop and reread the material. I could also look up words that I don’t know, and I need to try to clarify the main points and their relationship to each other. There are also many different ways that I can expand my vocabulary. I could notice and write down unfamiliar words, consider the context, and consult a thesaurus.
If I had to give advice to a new college student, I would tell them to research the career that they want to pursue. Many students go into their senior year and not know what they want their career in. I would tell them to start connecting with successful people in areas that they enjoy. I would also tell them to develop good habits with reading, scheduling, and study time. All of those are very important for success and in the real world. I would tell them to be the person to introduce themselves to other students. You never know how many of your good friends are out there waiting to be met!
In conclusion, thank you to the Major ; Career Choice test, I learned that nursing is the way to go for myself! I plan to take what all I learned in this course and use it in the future. This course has taught me different ways to be successful in college and also in the real world!