Change is the only constant in this worldChange is the only constant in this world

Change is the only constant in this world. Change poses new challenges that the older generation has not encountered, while the younger generation persists to experiment and face challenges that will give opportunity to learn an experiment. Generation are marked with distinguishing features which support the idea that every generation have new values, needs, and desires that alter ones way of thinking. Considering the changes that occurred over the past few decades, it is easier to understand that older and younger generations portray different interests, perspectives, and struggles.
Enormous number of younger generation depends on the internet particularly social media that further heightens the interest of the young people over the past few years. Today, people can meet and interact with their loved ones regardless the distance simply by using the social media as compared to the old generation wherein technology was not recognized. They need to work hard to complete a task with their bare hands without any technology to help them.