Captain AmericaCaptain America

Captain America. Captain Deviss. Captain Hook. Even Captain Underpants. They are all captains, but they aren’t the captains you’ll be voting for today.

Good morning teachers and students. For those who don’t know me (you should know me) my name is Gabriella Zarglis. Today, I will be talking to you why I would like to be a school captain of Saint Francis Xavier’s in this coming year.

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Before I continue I would like to ask a question. Who hates homework here? I definitely do. I would love to come up here and say things like: no homework for the rest of this year or school’s out! But unfortunately, I can’t.

But that doesn’t stop me from having other great ideas. For example, everyone loves mufti days. We can have more mufti days, and like any other, we bring a gold coin donation. The gold coin donation leads me to another great idea.

Pizza is pretty much everybody’s favourite food. What if we have pizza days twice a term. I see everybody is sitting up a little straighter. If I become school captain the school will be able to have more regular pizza days. The school can buy pizzas with the money we raise from the canteen.

Many students complain about the canteen. I don’t doubt you do to. From the money we raise from the mufti days, we can use it to upgrade the canteen a bit. For a start, the canteen can supply more food for children on Fridays. We only have popcorn and ice blocks. Why not add some chips to the menu? How about some healthy in it? Fruit skewers or fruit salads.