Bullying is when you repeatedly and intentionally hurt and torture someone and its either because of raceBullying is when you repeatedly and intentionally hurt and torture someone and its either because of race

Bullying is when you repeatedly and intentionally hurt and torture someone and its either because of race, religion, sexual and gender orientation or just their appearance or disability bullying takes place in many forms such as cyber verbal physical making threats to someone and also someone may spread rumours about you and might criticism you for how you look and bullying usually happens in school workplaces. Bullying can affect an individual physically because when you are being constantly bullied you think about it and that all you worry about and its constantly in your head and it affects the way you eat and do certain things such as the way you dress up and it’s also about your appearance and kids who are bullied are more likely to have depression and mental issues and also they are more likely not to get good grades and not attend school and get proper education. A case study of a 11 year old girl called Fariha goes to Green School and is in year 6 and is about to go to secondary school. Its is her last term in primary school and from year 4 till 6 she has been bullied because of the way she looks and because she has a disability which only her mum knows about. Fariha is a very intelligent and smart girl who lives with a single parent and has financial problems however fariha tries her best to come school and learn but lately her teachers have been noticing that she does not pay attention in class and has isolated herself from her peers and is always really quite. Her teacher Ms Emily wants to find out about why she is behaving like that and wants to have a meeting with her and her mum when Emily has a meeting with her and her mum ms Emily wants to know what is the reason behind her behaviour and that’s when her mum tells her teacher that fariha has a disability which is that ever since she was born she has stammering problems and whenever she tried to speak everyone would laugh at her which broke farihas self-esteem and knocked down her confidence and she just didn’t pay attention or answer any questions because she knew everyone was going to laugh at her whenever she went into school she would feel really embarrassed because she had a disability.

Bullying affected fariha physically because at home she wouldn’t eat and lost appetite and would cry herself to sleep and her mum started to see a change in the way her daughter looked and fariha started to have suicidal thoughts and took drugs as a way to forget the pain and farihas mum noticed that she wasn’t sleeping right and was always restless and had bags under her eyes and this also affected farihas academically because she wouldn’t do that well in school as she used to even her teachers were really concerned as well and had lots of meeting with her mum as well as because she always thought about the bullies she wouldn’t concentrate that much.. The bullies did not realise the things and abuse that farihas had to go through they were unaware of it. As fariha grew up she still was very vulnerable and shy and had no confidence at all and she still remembered what happened to her in her childhood however she learnt her lesson and defended herself when there was a need to and she also stood up for people who were bullied.
Bullying affected fariha development intellectually because in class she wouldn’t pay attention and would not attend her lessons which was a concern because she wouldn’t learn and would just be depressed and this was a concern because her attendance was so low and her teachers were really worried about her because she was going to secondary and it would have affected when she was a teenager. When fariha goes to secondary school and do the same thing as she did in secondary then it would affect her learning and attendance and would eventually be excluded from school and this would result in her going on a wrong path.

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Bullying affectfariha development emotionally because she still is affected by what happened at school and is always depressed and as a way of forgetting the pain she takes drugs and also has suicidal thoughts and is very depressed. However when fariha grew up she was a bit calm but still had flashbacks of what happened and was still reminded of the events and incidents.
Bullying affected farihas development socially because farihas started to talk less to people and was not very socially active and as fariha grew up she was still the same she didn’t talk and was so shy and quite.

Factor 2:Drugs:
Drugs are very dangerous substances that are inhaled ,injected,smoked,consumed causes a temporary psychological change in the body .people will take drugs because they feel like it’s an escape from their problems an people often take it to relive themselves of the pain and these types of drugs are usually cocaine ,crack ,weed and many more