Background Manchester University was established in 2004 by bringing together the University Of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology and the Victoria University of ManchesterBackground Manchester University was established in 2004 by bringing together the University Of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology and the Victoria University of Manchester

Manchester University was established in 2004 by bringing together the University Of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology and the Victoria University of Manchester.

Manchester University wants to be ranked as one of the leading universities in the world by 2020 and to be recognized for their impact on the world. It also wants to be recognized by achieving their three main goals which are world-class research, outstanding learning and student experience, and their social impact. Manchester University Mission Statement is
“Manchester University respects the infinite worth of every individual and graduates persons of ability and conviction who draw upon their education and faith to lead principled, productive, and compassionate lives that improve the human condition.”
Strategies and Strategic plans
Manchester University published their updated strategic plan for 2020 in October 2015. Their strategic plan has three main goals of world-class research, excellent learning and student experience, and social responsibility. These goals are going to be supported by six strategies.

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First goal: world-class research
Manchester University want to one of the leading universities of the world that their researchers’ work are the most noteworthy and effective. They want to be recognized by their integrative research and training excellent researchers.
To meet this target they will take the control over the quality of their research by publishing in leading research and article and including high level citations. They will also develop partnership with the most leading institution in world in terms of research for high quality and high influential research. They will start with providing career development research training for their postgraduate students continuing with mentoring and support programs for their fresh researchers. Finally, they will distinguish researchers with high potential and provide them an environment for further effective discoveries. In addition, they will find and invest on independent and competent researchers to support their goals.
Manchester University other goals are to inspire, invent and innovate. For that, they have establish partnerships with other prominent institutions and government agencies in various fields to shape their research programs that is beneficial to many societies. Second Goal: Outstanding learning and student experience
Manchester University has always been trying to provide a distinct higher education and learning experience for talented students regardless of their backgrounds. They want their graduates to be distinguish by their academic capabilities, leadership skills, abilities to contribute to society and employability. They want to create an effective partnership between students and staff and remove barriers to recruit students who are able to contribute to the educational environment of Manchester University and to their societies. The university wants to show their influence by their competent graduates who are going to be the world leaders. Students at Manchester University will develop their intellectual curiosity, risk taking willingness, and creativity. They want to prepare their students to be responsible citizens and leaders and give them the feeling that they should to give something back the university, their peers, and their society.

The university has three general objectives for the teaching, learning and student experience strategy. They are improving the quality of the student experience: reducing barriers to study by attracting outstanding students regardless of their backgrounds; and producing graduates who are greatly employable with a broader understanding of their responsibilities as global citizens.

The university will develop various approaches to achieve these objectives.
Goal Three: Social Responsibility
Manchester University has been the first university with a progressive aspiration to improve people’s life through research and teaching and now it is the first university with the core strategic plan of social responsibility. By 2020, the university will make a change to the social and environmental well-being of communities through teaching, research, engagement and operation. Manchester University’s five strategic priorities for Social Responsibility are: research with impact; responsible graduates; engaging communities; accountable methods; and ecological sustainability.
Enabling and Strategies
The university’s strategies toward achieving its three core goals are, quality people, world-class estate, financial stability, reputation for excellence, an international institution, and quality service. For each of these strategies, the university has set some key objectives and priorities.
Enabling Strategy 1: Quality people
Manchester university staff are the main factor for its success. To motivate the existing personnel, it is important to encourage, develop, nurture, reward, and contribute with them. Further, to help them grow, the university need to provide them the right environment which is full creativity, discovery, support and learning.
Enabling Strategy 2: World-class Estate
Manchester University has the largest campus in UK. It has invested a lot on the quality of buildings and will continue investing for more improvements. To develop new estates strategies, they analyze the existing campuses and recognize problems and opportunities in order to provide the best quality environment to support the university’s requirements.
Enabling Strategy 3: Financial Sustainability
Manchester University develops its income stream and manages its cost to provide resources needed to support the overall goals and operations of the university. Developing the income stream and managing the cost will help the university to compete with its global competitors. To ensure financial sustainability the university has considered some objectives.
Enabling strategy 4: A reputation for excellence
The Manchester University has made a good reputation and aim to create a great reputation on the basis of high quality activities and achievements by 2020. For that, specialized marketing, communication and stakeholder engagement play a significant role.
Enabling strategy 5 An international institution
To reinforce its international reputation, Manchester University will be able to attract the best international talented students and staffs and investments. Therefore, the students and staff will have the opportunity to respect, understand, and learn from a diverse community.
Enabling strategy 6 Quality services
The Manchester University is a large institution that is managed and supported by organizational structures, resources, IT system, and other factors which help the university to achieve its strategic goals. The university ensures that all these process and activities are efficient, cost effective and flexible to the internal and external changes and requirements to deliver high quality service.
Faculties and Majors
Manchester University had three faculties which each of them is divided in to different schools.
Biology Medicine and Health Faculty
This faculty is divided into the Biological Sciences, Medical Sciences and Health Sciences schools.

Science and Engineering Faculty
This faculty includes Chemical Engineering and Analytical Science; Chemistry; Mathematics; Computer Science; Physics and Astronomy; Earth and Environmental Science; Electrical and Electronic Engineering; Materials; and Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering.

Humanities faculty
This faculty is consists of the schools of Arts, Languages and Cultures (including Archaeology; Art History ; Visual Studies; Classics and Ancient History; Drama; English and American Studies; History; Linguistics; Modern Languages; Museology; Music; Religions and Theology and the University Language Centers) and the Schools of Education; Architecture; Law; Social Sciences and the Manchester Business School.

International Centers
Manchester University is the only UK Business School that has six international centers in the world which are located in Dubai, Singapore, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Sao Paulo, and Manchester.