At the beginning of 1976 there were 21At the beginning of 1976 there were 21

At the beginning of 1976 there were 21, 000 operational nuclear weapons in the world. Divided among six countries, nearly 95 percent of the world! s nuclear weapons are in the possession of the United States and Russia. Nuclear weapons are really powerful and dangerous but a lot of countries want to possess their force. It is however debatable if having nuclear weapons is advantageous or not. Having nuclear weapons on one hand protects a country but on the other hand these weapons involve a lot of worries and expense. There are a number of disadvantages to having nuclear weapons.

The basic material that makes nuclear energy possible is the fission of uranium. If people live near a nuclear weapons facility or nuclear power plant, they can suffer sick from a variety of medical conditions. Radiation from uranium poses man health risks like cancer. In the worst cases, people can even die. Furthermore, deformed babies can be born if the baby! s mother lives by a nuclear facility. Professor Gary Mccue n said that the possibility of a baby being born deformed child is much higher in cities with a nuclear facility than cities with no nuclear facility.

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In addition, making nuclear weapons costs a lot. The materials are not cheap and the salaries for scientists are expensive. If the nuclear weapon explodes by accident it can bring terrible consequences. Even a small amount of nuclear material can cause huge damage. Scientists and researcher have known for a long time about the serious problems that nuclear power represents. Tricia Andfyszewski discussed some of these concerns in the following passage.

! ^0 What is the worst that could happen in a modern commercial nuclear power accident? — The worst that could happen probably would have been a release of fission products from the steam. You would have the fission products from the fuel. The fuel has melted, and so you! ve released the fission products, and perhaps you get some kind of steam that carries some fission products out of the plant, and people would be exposed to that. It wouldn! t be the explosion itself, or any explosion that would cause the problem. ! +/- (Tricia Andryszewski, 1956) On the other hand, there are some advantages to having nuclear weapons. One advantage is that nuclear weapons can be a way of protecting a country.

Some people believe that if all countries had some nuclear weapons, there never would be a war because the world knows how powerful and devastating nuclear weapons can be. Having nuclear weapons can be both advantageous by providing a way to protect a country and disadvantageous by causing very serious problems like deformed babies, other health risks and a lot of expenses to a government and its people. In my opinion, having nuclear weapons is causing too many problems and worries for the world. I believe the disadvantages far outweigh its advantages. Nuclear weapons must be banned for the world.