Apple IncApple Inc

Apple Inc.

Apple Inc. is an American company that manufactures technological devices and computer software. The company was co-founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in California(Short Biography of Steve Jobs, n.d.). Wozniak always wanted to make his own computer so he made his wish come true by building it in Job’s own garage. (Apple Inc, 2011)

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Wozniak has always been attracted to technology and electronics, he was attending many meetings of computer hobbyists and it’s called the Homebrew Computer Club. (Short Biography of Steve Jobs, n.d.) They were a collection of computer professionals who wanted to build their own computer or writing their own software(Short Biography of Steve Jobs, n.d.). They became famous after they invented the computer kit in 1975(Short Biography of Steve Jobs, n.d.). Wozniak gathered information from his meetings, as well as developing his talent(Short Biography of Steve Jobs, n.d.). One day he told Jobs about his desire of building a personal computer for himself, he wanted it to be small and easy to carry(Short Biography of Steve Jobs, n.d.) Steve Jobs got interested in Wozniak’s idea and he thought that it would be a clever invention and it would gain popularity which could be sold to the computer’s professionals(Short Biography of Steve Jobs, n.d.). Jobs persuaded Wozniak to start a company that is related to computers which is his dream. (Short Biography of Steve Jobs, n.d.)

Apple Inc. was born on April 1, 1976, when Wozniak started working on Apple l in Job’s garage and they sold it for $666.66 which costs $2,786.76 today(STAFF, 2011). He sold it without a keyboard, monitor or casing. (Terrell, 2008) However, Markulla who is the second CEO of Apple computer was optimistic about the company’s growth and suddenly it became a success story because of its brilliant invention, and beautiful packaging. (Short Biography of Steve Jobs, n.d.)

Apple ll crushed the American dreams which made the apple founders billionaires(Short Biography of Steve Jobs, n.d). On June 5, 1977, The founders released the second apple which was the first personal computer with beautiful graphics and a case. They also created a logo which is a colorful apple which represents “Fun, spirited, and not intimidating” As Jobs said, On December 12, 1980, According to CNET, “Apple goes public, putting Jobs’ net worth north of $200 million.” (STAFF, 2011). It was the first Apple’s successful computer. (Short Biography of Steve Jobs, n.d.)

Lately, in 2011, Apple released many smart devices such as iPhones, iPads, iPods, and iTunes. As Steve states, ” Design is not just what it looks like and feels like, Design is how it works.” (Shedd, 2010). Jobs entered San Francisco which was his first public appearance with him revealing the iPad 2 and showing the audience how it works. On October 5, 2011, Steve Jobs died at the age of 56 years old after battling for almost a decade with cancer, which was depressing to the Apple’s family. (STAFF, 2011)

In the Reputations Institute’s Global RepTrak 100, which is a rank that measures public perception towards strong companies around the world. At the beginning of 2017, Apple landed in 20th place but last year Apple was the 10th in the study which shows a huge decline in Apple’s ranking. However, Apple won against some of the most competitive companies. In RepTrak there is a scale from 0-100 which companies will be judged on. A score on 80% and above would be marked as an ” excellent ” reputation, a score of 70% would consider the company has a ” strong ” reputation. The companies that fall in the 70 they will represent an ” average” reputation. In 2017 Apple scored 74.94% which shows that Apple computers have a strong reputation, but it also shows that it is 1.7 points down. Global RepTrak is important so if the company falls down the rank or lost some points they have to work on their reputation to reach the excellence level. (Reisinger, 2017)

There are many corporate communication departments in Apple’s company that integrates into building a steady future for the company, for example, Apple’s page on Instagram is advertising their products in a way that people cannot realize, they have their own hashtag called #ShotOniPhone which allows people to share their phenomenal photos and Apple have to repost it, so they can show the people that Apple’s camera can take great photos and you can edit them by using only your phone you don’t need apps or anything. In addition, Apple appears through Twitter ads revealing their new phone and their new Apple watch. (Apple, n.d.)

The bitten apple is Apple’s logo and the reason why it’s bitten is that people don’t misunderstand that it’s a cherry. They also have business cards which shows that they have a corporate design strategy. By sending Emails Apple tries to inform us that a new phone is here or we can pre-order, and remind us that there is a 20% offer that is about to vanish that describes Internal communications. In Media relations department, who are known for regulating the organization’s image, they present their advertisements through Virgin Radio before they launch their new product. (Tripathi, 2017)

Apple supports other organizations such as the Malala Fund in Latin America so advanced girls can get their education opportunities which is what we do in Investor relations. As an example of an issue and crisis management that Apple applies in their strategy, a one year of warranty that covers any manufacturing problems if a negative ad hoc occurred in the software such as system shut down you might be able to replace your phone or get it fixed free, but Apple is not responsible for any accidents that happen to your phone. (Apple, n.d.)

To sum up, Apple is really creative and they always come up with great devices but I believe if they fixed some issues they would be in the safe zone, for example, providing a Hotline service to help Apple products users to communicate with an expert immediately without having to go to the store. I also would highly recommend Apple to integrate with other organizations so Apple can become popular in different regions and it will also strengthen the business.