Al Doobi pointed out the company’s appraisal system has two main components

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Al Doobi pointed out the company’s appraisal system has two main components. First, at the beginning of the year (January), each employee sets his on-job performance which forms the basis for evaluation at the end of the year. The set objectives must a companies by detailed explanations on how they will be achieved. Employees also discuss their career aspirations and set team goals. Secondly, at the end of the year immediate supervisor’s appraise their subordinates. Al Doobi pointed out that Etisalat has created a culture driven by performance which has allowed its employees to develop their talent through assignment to roles that give them opportunities for growth. Through performance management the training needs of employees are identified and addressed through such avenues as the “Qadat Al Mostaqbal Leadership Development Programme”. As part of its performance management, the company has introduced rewards and recognition programmes where awards are given to employees who have an extra mile in achieving the strategic goals of the company. Rewards and bonuses are given on a yearly basis while some recognitions such as employee of the month come on a monthly basis.


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