According to the resultsAccording to the results

According to the results, it was shown that the concentration of sulfate ion, SO42- is 6.6117g/L and the weight of barium sulfate, BaSO4 precipitate is 0.4007g. At the end of the experiment, white and powdery precipitate of BaSO4 was seen.
The solution was being digested to break the bonds in the unknown sample to make the sulfate in the solution free to precipitate with the barium chloride to form barium sulfate.
The beaker was thoroughly rinsed with warm deionised water at the vacuum and precipitate is fully collected with none lost during the suction of filtration. This helps in reducing the impurity level which also helps in giving a higher amount of pure precipitate. The precipitate is then left to dry so that the weight will no be affected by the moisture present in the precipitate.