A spacecraftsthe Solar6and Heliospheric Observatory0A spacecraftsthe Solar6and Heliospheric Observatory0

A spacecraftsthe Solar6and Heliospheric Observatory0(SOHO)pis worked by a European modern0consortium drove bypMatra Marconi Space that was propelled on a Lockheed Martin Atlas II AS (it is basically a company of worldwide interest in aerospace, defense and security of advanced technologies) dispatch vehicle on December 2, 1995. Its basic motive was to study about the sun but around 3000 comets were also discovered by the same.
It lead our study towards the deepest part of the sun i.e. core to the outer part corona and also the solar wind produced with the help of the collaboration of0ESA0and0NASA. The duration of this combined project was 3 years planned0but now continued over 22 years, 6 months and 6 days till yet.
• Detail study about the sun , its structure and its function
• Existence of different parts of the sun and their different temperature conditions
• More about solar wind and its properties
The launch mass was 1,850 kg contains dimensions of 4.3o m × 2.7o m × 3.7o m . its power is about 15oo watts.