A Shopping Mall One Destination with Different AttractionsA Shopping Mall One Destination with Different Attractions

A Shopping Mall
One Destination with Different Attractions.
Shopping malls are the result of modern consumer culture. The farms which were evolved into stores and then came the industrialization which completely changed the culture. Markets with different departmental stores got evolved and ultimately came the advertisement. This makes the consumer ultimate focus of attention and now for the advertiser if the religion is the consumer than their prime temples are shopping malls.
But the turning point is that people go to shopping malls but not with the same purpose or need. Everyone has different purpose and attractions while going to shopping malls. I will critically analyze it further. A shopping mall is a place where there are local brands and also international brands. Some people go there only for shopping purpose and other go there for fun and entertainment.
The people who have their shops and businesses in shopping malls go their daily business routine. Families go to shopping malls for either window shopping or to do some serious shopping. Some families love to go to shopping malls as they find whole items of need under one roof so they prefer to go there. Families with kids also go to shopping malls to let kids enjoy different fun lands and junk foods. The other people who come to malls are the one who is suppliers of different goods and services. Modern malls have cinemas as well which is another source of people attractions. Some people go to shopping malls enjoy lunch and dinner their only. Seasonal sales are another big attraction for shopping malls.
To make my final conclusion, the shopping malls are becoming a cultural hub for people living around it. Shopping malls have different attractions for all age group. The main strength of shopping malls is the types of services they are giving under one roof. The shops, marts, play land, restaurants, fast food, cinemas, secure car parking, and other many more attractive sources which surely make them not only attractive but also the prime destination of consumer and supplier as well.