5 Things That You Surely Would Love to Know You will agree with me that one of the best Laptops in the market is MacBook Air

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5 Things That You Surely Would Love to Know
You will agree with me that one of the best Laptops in the market is MacBook Air. It has been designed with the state-of-the-art technology. However, just like any other computers, there must be that one or two limitations it comes with. With MacBook Air, it is only the storage space that can the upgraded. Nothing else. But then, you don’t just wake up one day and decide you will upgrade your laptop. Here in this article, I’m going to take you through 5 things that you surely would love to know before UPGRADING MACBOOK AIR STORAGE SPACE
1. Opening the laptop to upgrade the storage space is difficult.
Apple tightens there products quite well. It becomes close to impossible if you do not have the right tools to open your computer. Unless you are going to buy the upgrade kits coming with screwdrivers such as the Transcend kits, you will have to get other customized screws for the task. It is relatively hard to open.
2. The upgrade is expensive
One thing with the available upgrade kits is that they are relatively expensive. You will have to part with $400 for the 480GB or $650 for the 1TP. With such discouraging cost, you will have to choose if you can bear with the rather performance of your device dig deep in your pocket for a storage upgrade. Buying a new MacBook Air is quite expensive again. So do the math
3. The upgrade will not end the AppleCare warranty
This is good news. Many product warranties will end if you tamper with the hardware in any way. Most of them only cover the software of your computer and has nothing to do with the hardware. This is not true with the MacBook Air. In fact, they have laid down the instructions on how to do the upgrade. This thus should not be a worry should you be thinking of upgrading MacBook Air storage space. Actually, the process is not much complicated.
4. Have you used the MacBook Air for long?
Sometimes you don’t need a storage upgrade for your MacBook Air, rather you need a replacement. MacBook Air that you have used for two years is okay for an upgrade. It is still way fast and is still compatible with the latest software in town. The case is different if you have used the laptop for over four years. You will need to replace for better performance.
5. Check if your device is still covered by a warranty.
This point is basically the same as the point above but it is still fundamentally different. The point here is, are you struggling to upgrade a device that is no longer covered? You might upgrade and it develops technical problems which are best handled by AppleCare warranty. It will not be economical to upgrade MacBook Air when its warranty ended. The best option is to go for a new one.
Going for a MacBook Air storage space upgrade is important but you should be informed before you do. This is because the upgrade is expensive. And going for a new one is still expensive. The overall decision on whether to upgrade or replace is a product of the 5 points above.


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