3.2 Sampling

3.2.1 Population of the Study

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The buildings of haiti are designed by building concil. These buildings have unique architectural style and serves as bench marks. The buildings will occupy a narrow site, about 45 ft wide and 120 ft long. The Project Haiti Orphanage and Children’s Center will feature two buildings on a narrow lot An open floor plan takes advantage of trade winds for passive cooling

Providing lightweight infill rather than CMU, to lighten the building loads. Water storage often happens on the roof in Haiti. So we are bringing that down to the ground level instead.”

3.2.2 Sampling Technique

The buildings of of haiti study based building as compared to others ,L-shaped, three-story building runs about 85 feet and turns at the end of the site to the north to form part of a security barrier around a secure courtyard where children can play in a secure environment

3.3 Research Tool

Multiple methods are used for collection of the data. Primary tool for this study is an observation Performa comprised of a series of checklists each covering the specific aspect related to spatial configuration, formal composition, material technique, finishes, and other similar aspects selected after consultation with the experts of the field & . The non-participant observation is done in the study, which shows clearly the existing situation of the building. Discussion with the community, personal observation and talks with different users also included in the study

3.4 Procedures

The buildings in haiti are observed architecturally. All the buildings of haiti Era have been studied. In study the main focus is on its planning, elevations and materials. Their construction techniques have also been studied. The spatial planning of those buildings are unique, mainly focused on function. These buildings are identification and image of that Era because of the unique space utilization.., some buildings were functional and some were not. The cracks and bad condition due to ignorance, made the buildings just landmark with no function. The biophlic architecture functions are shifted to new constructed buildings and the old buildings were being ignored due to lack of awareness. Some buildings are functional in very bad conditions like some blocks in Central Hospital and few Schools. The buildings with their architectural details were documented.

3.5 Data Analysis Techniques

After the collection of data, it was quoted to the verbatim format. Then the data was analyzed through data processing. Varieties of analytical techniques were used in the process. The duplicate data and errors were eliminated and corrected with time. The exploratory data was processed, after this additional cleaning was done and the results were obtained after the cleaning of the rough data analysis..