2.2.1) Unequal Power Relation in Society
The most important Determinant for sexual Offence is the historically rooted inequality of power relation between men and women. Violence is not a natural or biological phenomenon rather it is a product of the unequal power equations in the society. In fact, sexual Offence mirrors gender inequalities and reflect other forms of social inequalities.
The direct consequences of economic disparities is that women, who earn less than men, are not likely to advance to positions of authority and power, hence women remain excluded from the control of knowledge system and its discourse.

2.2.2) Cultural Practices and Ideology
Offence rooted in unequal power relations between men and women may also include frequent infliction of harm that is justified or exonerated by custom, tradition, religion, etc. Many cultures condone or at least tolerate a certain amount of Offence against women. Devdasi system and female genital mutilation are amongst the various examples of violence encouraged and perpetuated by cultural and religious practices. Such cultural devaluation of women constitutes another major precursor for sexual Offence against women.

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2.2.3) Control of Women’s Sexuality
The control of female sexual behaviour is the focal point of many law codes, which place great emphasis on chastity of women. Such control of sexual behaviour establishes the time paternity of the child born to such woman, which is quite important to ensure the property inheritance by the legitimate lineage of successors. Violence is often used as an instrument to control sexual behaviour