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00Improving our communication skills
Improving our communication skills.

A deaf person cannot hear properly, the blind cannot see clearly, a speech impaired person cannot speak fluently and communication skills cannot exist without our five senses. It would be a complicated world to live in as most people say, communication skills are the lifeline of every walks of life. These are true to life experiences. As time went by, I came to realize that I should give much attention to my English speaking, listening, reading and writing skills as these leads to effective communications. Overcoming certain obstacles and improving these skills as they will benefit all of us in the future.
Seriously, I used to sit there like a piece of log, even though I have got questions or bright ideas which I can contribute to the lectures. It is very hard to be around those fluent English speakers. They just put you off whenever they speak. Here are some things which I think are holding me back. My background, how I look, the things I wore and my Tolai accent which people imitate me whenever I raised a point. I find it hard to communicate in class simply because I lack speaking skills. Others always encourage me to express what I feel, but sometimes just can’t stand up for myself. Behind the shadows of others, that’s where I am.

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Even though, we are already in a twenty-first century some are still acting as primitives and always like to criticize others. When someone is trying to speak English and make mistakes, they laugh their heads off. A classic example is what happens to me the other day. There was this class discussion, I was asked to give a brief talk. Due to my Tolai dialects, I mispronounced some of the words. Embarrassments overcame me as everyone find it amusing.

I am not an English fluent speaker as sometimes I go astray. Perhaps, I was not a good listener back then. Till now I still find it difficult to speak English fluently. Every day, I’m around the other Tolai boys where we usually speak our mother tongue (Kuanua) and I think these drags me away from being a better English speaker. With the help of other students, I think can improve my English speaking. Apparently, all the courses that we take in universities and colleges are offered in English. It is now the language of life.

I can begin right away by creating an English speaking environment where I’ll practice common phrases in order to gain perfections. The little opportunity I have to present in class, I’ll try and make the most of it. Inch by inch, I’m sure I can make it to the top. These easy strategies are applicable to all students in the university despite distinct year levels. We always look for big things, as the saying goes, start small. A massive problem for us here at DWU is that we speak too much pidgin which isn’t getting us somewhere.

Talking, fiddling around with things, laughing etc… when someone is talking is what I do time and again. Too much noise distracts me from listening better. Playing loud music on iPods, mp3 or mobile phone damages the eardrum. Sometimes it just plain ignorant to what people say or the instructions are given. At times I tried my bests to listen but so much noise is created by my friends blocks me from listening properly.
As always the whole lot of us must keep this particular sense active at all times. For a person to be a better speaker, he/she must be a good listener and vice-versa. Through good listening, a student grasps what his/her lecturer is trying to bring across. Another way to improve on listening skills is to integrate more practical lessons. Our tutors had to do more practical, drama, or act out what is being thought in class. By doing this, it is an advantage to those who often drifts away during lectures. He/ she will actively involve in class and begins to interpret what is being said. The following easy steps are said to be very active when it comes to improving listening skills. These are; show good listening by paraphrasing, appropriate body language (nodding, smiling etc..) and giving feedback. (Hurst, 2018)
Furthermore, this skill can create a long-lasting relationship. The need to listen well to what others are saying or paying attention in class will keep that bond and respect you have for others which will enable good friendship. You are able to listen well to what other people and that will tell a different story to them. Listening skills can give you pride and self-respect as good listening comes naturally with politeness. Eventually, you will be a well-respected person in your own communities. And sooner or later other students or your tribesmen will look up to you as their role model.

Reading aloud grabs the attention of the people around me. Reading with my eyes attracts my bed and felt sleepy at times. Tried listening to music while reading, worsen the situation. Sometimes just feel shy of reading in front everyone. Worst, reading isn’t my hobby as most of my classmates preferred reading in their leisure hours. I will have to work hard to improve on this skill.

Concentrating hard, blocks off the outside noise and focuses on the reading. Attempt the impossible and if it is in the system, everything will just pour through so easily. Reading skills more like the same as speaking. Sometimes reading can help restore my speaking skills. Most students lose interests in reading because they are lost in between complex words. They just don’t understand the meanings of the words they are reading. CITATION Kar15 l 1033 (Sanford, 2015)Reading improves my writing skills, freshen up my memory as it keeps my vocabulary in an advanced state. It also enables me to have a quick response and also the knowledge to discover new things about places, animals or unveil new discoveries etc… Moreover, reading keeps people relaxed after a stressful day or after loads of work. More importantly, it helps in speaking logically and put mindsets in order. Logical means your message is clearly said, believable and consistent. CITATION Chr15 l 1033 (Farmer, 2015)
Finally, writing is kind of enjoyable to me. I do not find it hard to write as I just jot down anything on a given topic that comes to my thoughts. The missing link I found out is just pure logic. The order of which I am writing is still missing. I vanish into the library, sits there start a piece of writing and can reach a lengthy essay in an hour, but just the order. The things I write is all over the place.

I usually go through every instruction on lectures and spend days rewriting my drafts, still, I’m not satisfied. To some extent, my friends jokingly said I need to see a shrink. Not funny but I think that is my weakness. I need to take note of the basic things when writing, the punctuations and avoid using shortcuts as in ‘u’ for the word you. I can clearly recall Mr. Gimbo in one of his CA 121 lectures he stated, “today’s generation are doomed as far as their writing skills are concerned”. In this he stressed, Facebook and other social media are affecting our writing skills and present generations are very terrible in writing.
Writing skills is vital in a sense that it can take you places you’ve never been. You can be one of the lucky ones selected to further your studies outside the country. You may ask this question; how could this be possible? Top students are selected to go abroad and a criterion that they’ll use is screening your writing skills. Once you are abroad you can learn more about other cultures so it will be like a lifetime opportunity.

Improving my communication skills is the basis of my study here at the university as it will see me through the future. No matter how tough I am in my brain, lacking these skills is something huge that impedes me from learning properly. I don’t believe in magic because nothing drops out from the sky. Our life is not always shaped by how people see us from the outside, but what we give and that is what communication skills are all about. We all have to strive harder to upgrade these skills. Ed Latimore, an undefeated boxer stated, “Hard work beats talent.” CITATION EdL18 l 1033 (Latimore, 2018)References
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