1. How do sports marketers enhance the perceived value of their commodities?
Cite at least two examples.

Sports marketers enhance the perceived value of their products by selling them
during the the season when the sport is being played, For example if they sell
Florida Gator shirts during football season , it’s more likely to be bought then just
selling them after football season is over. Sports companies use this strategy to
get people that are passionate about their favorite team or just the overall sport
to buy merchandise, Or for a better example say they have children or grandsons
that play these sports ,Sports companies can provide the chance to make and
sell custom apparel so they could make a lot of money.

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2. How has the Internet changed entertainment marketing? Is this a positive or
negative change?

The Internet has changed entertainment marketing which could have a positive
or a negative effect depending on the company. The internet provide ways for a
company to promote their products and/or services on things such as websites
and social media outlets. There are Pro’s and Con’s to promoting your company
on the internet , like one of the pro’s is that it can reach a lot of people in a little
bit of time so you could sell your products and make your company popular faster
via internet. Even tho that sounds promising there still are cons like if you sell
one of your products and the customer don’t like it they have the right to write a
bad review about your product and to tell other people not to buy your product.
To me the cons out do the pros because the internet can be cruel and people
can make up rumors about your company and take your customers away if the
hateful comments go viral.