1.LEADERSHIP AND INFLUENCEChecvening is looking for individuals who will be future leaders of influnce in their home countries ,Explain how you meet this requirements ,using clear examples
” Leadership is influence and everyone has influence.” ~ Anonymous.

These words have been instrumental in driving the leadership engine within me. I am fully convinced that good communication, pursuasiveness, problem solving,conflict management and team work are skills that have fuelled my leadership experience in my roles as a Sunday school teacher, social action volunteer, a young professional and passionate teacher.
I am a volunteer Sunday school teacher in Christ is the Answer Ministries ( CITAM)- Nakuru Assembly in Kenya, from the year 2016….My love for teaching drives me into mentoring Sunday school children into better people of tomorrow. This is through creating positive universal bible content in the day to day life to make a difference in the live of this young beatiful hearts. As a result, I have effectively managed to pass postive societal values to children aged 4-9 yrs. Due to my exposure as a career teacher, I have been priviledged to interact with children from diverse cultural backgrounds. This has added value not only to me by enabling me to embrace different lenses to the outlook of life, but has been beneficial in encouraging the next generation to embrace diversity. in embracing different cultural perspectives. I am a team leader in the Social Action Advocacy and Governace Ministry of CITAM- Nakuru Assembly. This ministry’s core objective is to.develop and implement a biblical approach and response to matters socail action,advocacy and governance..,where SOCIAL ACTION implies proactive response to the needs of communities with the compassion of christ,ADVOCACY signifies being a christian voice in the nations on both national and ..international issues and lastly GOVERNANCE means reproducing christlikeness in key persons and organs of influence in both public and private sectors. I have volunteerd this capacity from ..2015……….As an influencer, I have mobilized my workmates and friends to contribute dry foodstuff, clothing and toiletries towards the famillies adversely affected by the Solai Dam Tragedy in Nakuru County in Kenya in the month of …may2018. The Solai tragedy is…tragedy that was caused by excessive rainfall in solai area that led to solai dam being full to capacity and ns litres overflowed on the dryland.that left horrible injuries , massive destruction of property ,displacement of people and loss of lives. Furthermore ,we visit inmates at Nakuru Central Police Station in Nakuru County in Kenya every last Sunday of the month. The inmates apprehended in this Police Station are those recently arrested and being held in police custody as the await hearing of their cases in court., bysby carrying out rehabilitation programmes and issuing foodstuffs to the convicts to make our society a better place and influencing change,this has really helped them to transform into productive people
The Young Professionals’ (YP) Fellowship of CITAM Nakuru is a networking platform of lawyers, teachers, bankers, business persons. Here, hold open forums on ethical practices in the marketplce. Furthermore, we are engaged in the community through mentorship and outreach programmes in high schools. In this regard, we offer sound career and academic advice which asssist high schoolers in making sound career choices. This forum also provides networking opportunities that help build relationships with potential mentors by discussing upcoming trainings, innovations and market trends. This forum avails information and advice on the importance of being leaders of influnce, facilitates sponsered informal trainings, public speaking events and retreats that develop our careers, enhanced professional recognition hence enabling professionals to have a sense of pride at work.
As a High school teacher at Nakuru Mountain Park Academy, I head an environmetal club . Serving in this capacity has enabled me to develop a good rapport with my students and collegues. We have initiated regular community based cleanup activities and donations to needy students to empower them socially, economically and emotianally. Serving young people has improved my coaching and communication skills in effectively handling in issues such as drug addiction, self esteem, early marriage and betting & gambling. The overall result has been to keep them in school ,and encourage them to pursue their studies first acquire positive thinking ,acquisation of stress management skills and embracing hadwork on any assigned duty.As I retreat to my abode every day, thoughts of how the selfishness and ineptitude of modern day leadership has failed society overwhelm me. It is my desire to pursue servitude in leadership. I admire the Chevening community from the sidelines, what they stand for and the consious effort the Chevening Community puts to impact society.

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