1. Columbus Christopher is a famous Italian who made the discovery of America.
2. Columbus is also known as a navigator who discovered new lands in the region of south America.
3. Columbus came from the middle class family, his father was wool weaver and also owned a cheese stand.
4. Christopher Columbus real name was Cristoforo Colombo.
5. Christopher Columbus took more than seven years to convince the Royal Spanish couple of the need for an expedition.
6. Christopher Columbus was born in 1451 in the Republic of Genoa.
7. Columbus was a pirate before becoming famous.
8. The first person to discover Americas was not Columbus but a Viking, Leif Eriksson in around 1000 A.D., he landed on the place now known as Newfoundland.
9. Columbus did the four World trip in 1492, 1493, 1498, and 1502.
10. There is no painting or portrait of Columbus.
11. Columbus also became Governor of Santo Domingo.
12. He operated a shop of mapmaking and book selling in Portugal.
13. He managed to have a sea trip at the age of 10.
14. He was a religious man and frequently talk about Christianity.
15. It is said that he never set foot on the mainland of North America.
16. Portugal, England, and France refused to fund Columbus’ voyages.
17. The main purpose of all the tours was to search the water route west from Europe to Asia, but he failed.
18. The second voyage of Columbus was quite expensive, he left the port with 1,500 men and 17 ships.
19. Half of the voyages of Columbus were ended in disaster.
20. Rodrigo de Triana, a sailor from Columbus crew was the first to see the land. It was a small island today known as Bahamas.
21. Present day Bahamas, after the discovery it was called “San Salvador”.
22. When Columbus discovered San Salvador island, he thought he found Asia.
23. Columbus did not believe that earth was flat.
24. Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria were the names of three ships Columbus used on hos voyage.
25. He wrote a book called Book of Privileges at the time of his ending days, in which he explains how Spanish Crown did not fulfil promises they made.
26. During his last voyage, he was seriously ill but he continued the journey.
27. Columbus also wrote Book of Prophecies, in which he writes about his voyages.
28. Columbus is also called “Father of the New World.”
29. There are evidences that suggests that Columbus crew might have brought Syphilis to Europe.
30. It is believed that he started slave trade. When he didn’t found treasure in the new places, he enslaved the people.
31. It is believed that he did not discovered America because when he reached there it was already populated.
32. Columbus was stuck in Jamaica, where people don’t feed him food and were very angry.
33. He found a way out, he knew about lunar eclipse and told the people that if you wont feed me god will get angry, and after eclipse, they gave him so much to eat and asked for mercy.
34. After the slaughter of natives of Taino Indians by Columbus, many African slaves were shipped to Haiti.
35. The Taino population almost extinct in 50 years because of suicide, murder and low birth rate.
36. Columbus introduced the lemon seeds to Americans in 1493.
37. It is written in the texts that he tortured and enslaved the natives of Hispaniola to get gold and forced them to work in gold mines and to search gold for him.
38. Columbus was father to two sons, one from his wife and other one from another women.
39. His first wife died in 1485 in Lisbon, and after the death of his wife he moved to Spain.
40. Introduction of horses in the New World is by Columbus.
41. No women were allowed on his ships.
42. Columbus died believing that he founded the water route to India.
43. In 1500, he was arrested by Spain Royal Commissioner because of mismanagement of Hispaniola.

44. Native-Americans are called Indians because of Columbus. He thought that he landed the Indies and called the people by Indians.
45. After spending months in prison, he was forgiven and also out finance for forth voyage.
46. Columbus remaining are spread in different parts of the world.
47. Columbus died in 1506 in Spain.
48. After the death of Columbus, his family has a legal battle with the Spanish royals. His sons complained that they were not given enough money, titles and property.
49. The legal lawsuits between crown and Columbus settled in 1536.
50. In US Christopher Columbus Day is celebrated on second Monday of October month.

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