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Management Information System
MIS442 (Sec: 06)

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Mr. Arifur Rahman Khan
Lecturer, MIS (Management Information System)
School of Business
Independent University, Bangladesh

Semester: Autumn 2017
Submission date: 15.11.17

Submitted by

Name ID#
S. M. SAJAL 1410828

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Table of content

Contents: Page numbers:

4. Company Profile 7
5. Systems used by Geniee360

6. Setup Accessories 8-18
7. List of Networking Devices 18-21
8. Pricing & Revenue investment:

9. Conclusion 22

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Letter of Transmittal

15 November, 2017

Mr. Arifur Rahman Khan

Course Instructor

Department of school of business

Independent University, Bangladesh

Subject: Letter of Transmittal

Dear Sir,
With due respect, we the students of your section have reported to project on “IT

Though we are in learning curve, this report has enabled us to gain insight into the core fact of
this topic. So it becomes as an extremely challenging and interesting experience. This report is
an essential part of our course, we tried our best to work on it carefully and sincerely to make
report informative. We sincerely hope that it would be able to fulfill your expectations.
Thank you for your supportive consideration for formulating an idea. Without your Inspiration
this report would have been an incomplete one.

Lastly I would be thankful once again if you please give your judicious advice on effort.

Yours sincerely,

All the students

On the behalf of this Group


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IT systems are vulnerable to a variety of disruptions, ranging from mild (e.g., short-term power
outage, disk drive failure) to severe (e.g., equipment destruction, fire) from a variety of sources
such as natural disasters to terrorists actions. While much vulnerability may be minimized or
eliminated through technical, management, or operational solutions as part of the
organization’s risk management effort, it is virtually impossible to completely eliminate all
risks. In many cases, critical resources may reside outside the organization’s control (such as
electric power or telecommunications), and the organization may be unable to ensure their
availability. Thus effective contingency planning, execution, and testing are essential to
mitigate the risk of system and service unavailability. Accordingly, in order for contingency
planning to be successful agency management must ensure the following:

1. Understand the IT Contingency Planning Process and its place within the
overall Continuity of Operations Plan and Business Continuity Plan process.
2. Develop or reexamine their contingency policy and planning process and apply the
elements of the planning cycle, including preliminary planning, business impact
analysis, alternate site selection, and recovery strategies.
3. Develop or reexamine their IT contingency planning policies and plans with emphasis
on maintenance, training, and exercising the contingency plan.

This document addresses specific contingency planning recommendations for seven IT
platform type and provides strategies and techniques common to all systems, desktops and
portable systems, servers, web sites-
1. Local area networks
2. Wide area networks
3. Distributed systems
4. Mainframe systems.

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Information technology (IT) and automated information systems are vital elements in most
business processes. Because these IT resources are so essential to an organization’s success, it
is critical that the services provided by these systems are able to operate effectively without
excessive interruption. Contingency planning supports this requirement by establishing
thorough plans and procedures and technical measures that can enable a system to be
recovered quickly and effectively following a service disruption or disaster.

IT contingency planning refers to a coordinated strategy involving plans, procedures, and
technical measures that enable the recovery of IT systems, operations, and data after a
disruption. Contingency planning generally includes one or more of the approaches to
restore disrupted IT services:

Restoring IT operations at an alternate location

Recovering IT operations using alternate equipment

Performing some or all of the affected business processes using non-IT
(manual) means (typically acceptable for only short-term disruptions).

This document provides guidance to individuals responsible for preparing and maintaining IT
contingency plans. The document discusses essential contingency plan elements and
processes, highlights specific considerations and concerns associated with contingency
planning for various types of IT systems, and provides examples to assist readers in developing
their own IT contingency plans.


The process presented here is common to all IT systems. The seven steps in the
process are as follows:
1. Develop the contingency planning policy statement
2. Conduct the business impact analysis (BIA)

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3. Identify preventive controls
4. Develop recovery strategies
5. Develop an IT contingency plan
6. Plan testing, training, and exercises
7. Plan maintenance.

Figure 01: IT Planning Process

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Company Profile

Geniee360 Digital Solution

We are going to open Geniee360 is a digital company that helps business makes a difference in
the virtual world. Geniee360 caters to almost everything a business requires to “Go Digital”.
That can make Company Websites, Posters, Flyers, Logos, Business Cards, Banners, Leaflets,
Brochures, Corporate Identity, Viral Videos, 3D Modeling, Interior/Exterior Designing, Provide
SEO services and even do Internet Marketing for you through Face book, Twitter, LinkedIn,
YouTube and so on.

They can provide Graphics Designer, Web Designer ; Developer, Software/APP developer,
Interior Designer or Social Media Marketing assistance for any business’s digital activities, they
can give any digital marketing support what their client want.

In simpler words, Geniee360 is here to make ALL your DIGITAL WISHES come true. We wish to
start with 50 employees.

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Systems used by Geniee360

Geniee360 is like to follow (BUS system) under LAN. For this system setup we need 30 desktop
computers, 7 routers and many other accessories for our office purpose that we discuss in the
report. A bus network is a network in which local processors share the same Bus or
communication channel. It is more easy system then ring network system and star network.
So we have 50 employees then bus network system is more effective for office communication.

Setup Accessories

A local-area network (LAN) is a computer network that spans a relatively small area. Most
often, a LAN is confined to a single room, building or group of buildings; however, one LAN can
be connected to other LANs over any distance via telephone lines and radio waves.
A system of LANs connected in this way is called a wide-area network (WAN). The difference
between a LAN and WAN is that the wide-area network spans a relatively large geographical
area. Typically, a WAN consists of two or more local-area networks (LANs) and is often
connected through public networks.

Figure 02: Lan Network

Server PC of Geniee360 Digital Solution

Server: A server is a piece of a total unit of computer hardware and software makes available a
service that can be accessed by its Employees. The name of our server PC is “Geniee Server”.

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We have 50 employees, So we use 1 server PC. Where the communications takes place over
network. In this company there are two servers under one main server- one serves as database
server and another as web server. A database server generally is a computer or computer
program that provides database services to other computer programs or computers, as defined
by the employee–server model. Database management systems frequently provide database
server functionality, and at Geniee360’s server works as a database server relies exclusively on
the employee–server model for database access. Usually the database server works as back end
database where the database is accessed by employees indirectly through an external access
system at the front end is responsible for input in various forms from the user and processing it
to conform to a specification the back end can use. The term web server can refer to the
hardware (the computer) or the software that helps to deliver web content that can be
accessed through the Internet or internal/external networking system. The most common use
of web servers is to host website. In computing, a shared resource or network share is a device
or piece of information on a computer that can be remotely accessed from another computer,
typically via a local area network or an enterprise Intranet.
There is the information about main server:
Item Description Supplier Receiving

Product Code: HP ProLiant DL380 Generation 9 (Gen9)
8 x HP 600GB HDD 64GB RAM
Brand: HP
Processor Type: 2 x Intel® Xeon® E5-2620v4 (2.1GHz/8-
core/20MB/85W) II Upgradeability Upgradeable to 2
processors (Max. 36 Cores) II




10 | P a g e

Processor Speed: 2.1GHz/8-core/20MB/85W
Main Board: Intel® C610 Series Chipset
RAM: 64GB (4x16GB DDR4 RDIMMs), Up to 24 DIMM
slots available for higher Memory capacity
Hard Disk: 8 x HP 600GB 6G SAS 10K 2.5in SC ENT HDD
Graphics Card: Integrated Matrox G200eH2 video
standard with 16MB of Video RAM.
Lan: HP Embedded 4port 1GbE Network Adapter
Audio: On Board
Optical Drive: HP Half-Height SATA DVD-RW Optical
Power Supply: Hot Plug Power Supply 2 x HP 800W
Flex Slot Platinum Hot Plug Power Supply with Power
Warranty: 03 (three) Years HP Standard Warranty.
Table 01: Server’s information

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Figure 03: HP server PC

Cloud Server

A cloud server is a virtual server (rather than a physical server) running in a cloud computing
environment. It is built, hosted and delivered via a cloud computing platform via the internet,
and can be accessed remotely. They are also known as virtual servers. Cloud servers have all the
software they require to run and can function as independent units. For backup documents,
files, images and many more important things for our office we need to use Cloud Server. It
helps to get daily backups for our company.

Figure 04: Cloud Server

What are the benefits of a cloud server?

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o A cloud server gives the business user stability and security because any software
problems are isolated from your environment. Other cloud servers won’t impact on
your cloud server and vice versa. If another user overloads their cloud server, this will
have no impact on your cloud server, unlike with physical servers.
o Cloud servers are stable, fast and secure. They avoid the hardware issues seen with
physical servers, and they are likely to be the most stable option for businesses wanting
to keep their IT budget down.
o Cloud servers provide a faster service for your money. You’ll get more resources and a
faster service than you would for a similar price of physical server. A cloud-hosted
website will run faster.
o You get scalability with cloud servers. It is very easy and quick to upgrade by adding
memory and disk space, as well as being more affordable.


A firewall is a network security system, either hardware- or software-based, that uses rules to
control incoming and outgoing network traffic.

A firewall acts as a barrier between a trusted network and untrusted network. A firewall
controls access to the resources of a network through a positive control model. This means that
the only traffic allowed onto the network is defined in the firewall policy; all other traffic is

Figure 05: Firewall

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? External firewall keeps out unauthorized internet users.
? Internal firewall prevents users from accessing sensitive human resources or financial
? Passwords and browser security features control access to specific intranet resources.
? Intranet server features provide authentication and encryption where applicable.
? Network interface software is carefully crafted to avoid certain security holes to back-
end resources.

So, we are using firewall for the safety for our company network that can protect our
system from external threats.

Desktop PC
Our Designing firm has 30 Desktop computers of which are used for Junior Designers and other
employees. Though this is a designing firm so our computers are mainly configured on graphics
designing. All the computers are from HP, model number of CPU is “HP AIO 22-b203l” and the
graphics card is “NVIDIA GT 920MX 2GB Dedicated Graphics” and monitor is “HP 21.5″ FHD

Specification Item description Price

Product Code:
Processor Type:
Processor Speed

HP AIO 22-b203l
Hewlett Packard
Intel 7th GEN Core i5-7200U
3M Cache,2.50 GHz up to 3.10 GHz

14 | P a g e

Main Board:
Hard Disk:
Screen Size:
Graphics Card:

Optical Drive:

4GB DDR4 2133
21.5″ FHD IPS
NVIDIA GT 920MX 2GB Dedicated Graphics
HP WLAN 802.11 b/g/n 1×1 Mini Card

Tray load DVD Drive (Reads and Writes
Free DOS
USB Mouse
USB Keyboard
1 year guaranty

Table 02: Desktop PC information

15 | P a g e

Figure 06: Desktop PC

Geniee360 has 20 laptops those are for senior employees like CEO, Digital Marketing Executive
and other executives. All the laptops are from “Acer”. There is a policy about this laptop,
employees can use this laptop for three years then company will provide a new featured laptop
then this laptop will give this employee for permanently. Now we give all the information about
this laptop in bellow.

Specification Item description Price

Product Code:

Acer Aspire F5-573GHewlett Packard

16 | P a g e

Processor Type:
Graphics Card


Intel® Core™ i7-6500U Processor (4M
Cache,2.50 GHz up to 3.10 GHz)Hawaii-K
4GB DDR4 2133
15.6″ HD Acer LCD Backlight LED
NVIDIA GeForce 940MX 4GB Dedicated
Gigabit Ethernet,Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
4-cell Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) with 12 Hours
Battery Backup
Free Dos

02 Years international Warranty

Table 03: Laptop information

17 | P a g e

Figure 07: Laptop

Printers and Copier machines

Under this firm there are 3 “HP P2035N LaserJet Monochrome” printers which are built in
Ethernet/Fast Ethernet Networking, have 150 Sheet Output Bin, print Speed Up to 30 ppm and
Up to 600 by 600 dpi and can print up to 25,000 pages per month. There are also three “SAM4s
Ellix 20-II V Two-Color” thermal printers having 220mm per second print speed. There is also a
photocopier machine “HP LaserJet M3027x” – great workhorse machine for small office. Up to
75000 copy cycle per month.

18 | P a g e

Figure 08: SAM4s Ellix 20-II V Two-Color printer Figure 09: HP P2035N

Figure 10: HP LaserJet M3027x photocopier

List of Networking Devices
1. Router: CISCO 3900
Cisco 3900 Series Integrated Services Routers (ISR) is designed to meet the application demands
of today’s medium-to-large branches and to evolve to cloud-based services. They deliver
virtualized applications and highly secure collaboration through the widest array of WAN
connectivity at high performance that offers concurrent services at up to 375 Mbps. WAN
Connectivity through the industry’s widest choices, including T1/E1, T3/E3, 4G/LTE, xDSL,
copper, and fiber Gigabit Ethernet. This device works through firewall and intrusion prevention
system (IPS) options and further includes support for next-generation encryption and cloud-
based security

19 | P a g e

Figure 11: CISCO 3900
2. Wireless: CISCO 4400
The Cisco 4400 Series Wireless LAN Controller provides system wide wireless LAN functions for
medium to large-sized facilities. By automating WLAN configuration and management
functions, network managers have the control, security, redundancy, and reliability needed to
cost-effectively scale and manage their wireless networks as easily as they scale and manage
their traditional wired networks. Because the Cisco 4400 Series Wireless LAN Controller
supports 802.11a/b/g and the IEEE 802.11n draft 2.0 standards, organizations can deploy the
solution that best meets their individual requirements. Through these devices Geniee server
system is connected with the LAN.

Figure 12: CISCO 4400

20 | P a g e

3. Core switch: WSC6506.
Geniee360 digital solution uses the Cisco Catalyst 6500-E Series sets the new standard for IP
Communications and application delivery in enterprise campus and service provider networks
by maximizing user productivity and enhancing operational control. Its width-44.5 cm, depth-46
cm, height-48.8 cm As the premier intelligent, multilayer modular Cisco switch, the Catalyst
Series delivers secure, converged, end-to-end services, from the wiring closet to the core
network, the data center, and the WAN edge. The 6500-E series switches offer enhancements
to scale beyond the 4000W power supply. It’s with 32 GBps shared bus 720 GBps switch fabric.

Figure 13: WSC6506.

4. Category 6 Ethernet cable:
Category 6 cable, commonly referred to as Cat 6, is a standardized cable for Gigabit Ethernet
and other network physical layers that is backward compatible with the Category 5/5e and
Category 3 cable standards. The Huber+ Suhner unshielded Cat6 UTP cable provides a high
quality unshielded media for transmission of 1000 BASE-T applications and suitable for Gigabit
Ethernet and PoE+ compliance. Cable is supplied in an easy-carry box. This cables are Halogen
free, RoHS compliant, Low flame spread LSFH™ jacket material. The small diameter of Cat6
cable reduces pathway fill.

21 | P a g e

Figure 13: CAT6 cable


Here is the total pricing of Geniee360 Digital Solution. It will be total cost for this company IT
sector. Their high featured PC, Laptops, router and other all accessories.

Items Name Per Number Cost Total Price
1. Server PC 5,55,000 * 1 5,55,000
2. Desktop PC 58,000* 30 1,740,000
3. Laptop 66,500*20 1,330,000
4. Router: CISCO 3900 10,000*7 70,000
5.Category 6 Ethernet cable 1,12,000 1,12,000
5. HP printer 13,500*2 27,000
Total: 38,34,000

Revenue investment

Some IS projects may be not be attractive from cost/benefit perspective; they may have a high
effect on corporate performance (high strategic value). This system will be revenue related
projects though it’s free. The benefits arising from this system are difficult to quantify and
hence they appear to be unattractive from cost-benefit viewpoint. Though the system is gained

22 | P a g e

at free of cost but its maintenance and other facilitate services have a cost which is considered
as revenue investment. This total system project is expected to contribute to enhance business
goals and the contribution is difficult to measure due to intangible nature of goals. Businesses
often do not perform cost-benefit analysis for such projects. We focused thi services. So it can
be said that it’s a revenue related investment.


Initially getting license, setting up a commercial office system and other maintenance may cost
almost 3-4 million Taka. It won’t be a cost effective decision for Geniee360. So it’s better to use
free open source integrated until the works of the company get complex. If the system
authority can improve some limitations of using Server PC name ” Geniee Server “and problems
of company which we mentioned in this report then it’ll be easier to maintain the total
company system efficiently. The internet should also be improved. This is useful as a catalog
resource. It is a comprehensive tool, including modules for circulation, cataloging, acquisitions,
serials, reserves, patron management, branch relationships, and more, which makes it a more
desirable system than software that offers merely cataloging capabilities. It was built using
corporate standards and protocols that allow interacting well with other existing workflows
from different systems. Server PC works with standards found through OPAC and is compliant
with XHTML; CSS making it is platform independent. So the office staffs can continue its
workings with this system by improving their experience which facilitate this system and
installing new technologies.