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Project Proposal(SCOPE DOCUMENT)
<C Bot>
(An AR based Car User Guide)
Version 1.0
Osama Safdar CU/FA16-BCS-030/ISB
Usama Abrar CU/FA16-BCS-031/ISB
SupervisorMr. Tehseen Riaz Abbasi
Submission Date: (17th-October-2018)
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (2016-2020)

No. Comment Action
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Table of Contents
TOC o “1-2” “TOCentry,1” Abstract PAGEREF _Toc525517235 h 3
1.Introduction PAGEREF _Toc525517236 h 4
2.Problem Statement PAGEREF _Toc525517237 h 4
3.Problem Solution for Proposed System PAGEREF _Toc525517238 h 4
4.Related System Analysis/Literature Review PAGEREF _Toc525517239 h 4
5.Advantages/Benefits of Proposed System PAGEREF _Toc525517240 h 4
6.Scope PAGEREF _Toc525517241 h 4
7.Modules PAGEREF _Toc525517242 h 4
7.1Module 1: Module Name PAGEREF _Toc525517243 h 5
7.2Module 2: Module Name PAGEREF _Toc525517244 h 5
7.3Module 3: Module Name PAGEREF _Toc525517245 h 5
7.4Module 4: Module Name PAGEREF _Toc525517246 h 5
7.5Module 5: Module Name PAGEREF _Toc525517247 h 5
7.6Module 6: Module Name PAGEREF _Toc525517248 h 5
7.7Module 7: Module Name PAGEREF _Toc525517249 h 5
8.System Limitations/Constraints PAGEREF _Toc525517250 h 5
9.Software Process Methodology PAGEREF _Toc525517251 h 5
10.Design Methodology PAGEREF _Toc525517252 h 5
11.Tools and Technologies PAGEREF _Toc525517253 h 5
12.Project Stakeholders and Roles PAGEREF _Toc525517254 h 6
13.Team Members Individual Tasks/Work Division PAGEREF _Toc525517255 h 6
14.Data Gathering Approach PAGEREF _Toc525517256 h 7
15.Concepts PAGEREF _Toc525517257 h 7
16.Gantt chart PAGEREF _Toc525517258 h 7
17.Mockups PAGEREF _Toc525517259 h 8
18.Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc525517260 h 9
19.References PAGEREF _Toc525517261 h 9
20.Plagiarism Report PAGEREF _Toc525517262 h 9

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Project Category: (Select all the major domains of proposed project)
C- Problem Solving and AI
E- Smartphone Application
H- Image Processing

.AbstractProvide a one to two paragraph summary of your project. The abstract should give an idea of what your project is trying to achieve. Think of your abstract as a condensed version of your whole project. By reading it, the reader should understand the nature of your project. It should be comprehensive, and concise.
(Usually in 15-20 sentences with 1-2 paragraphs).

IntroductionThe document is about an app called C BOT. C Bot provides AI and AR assistance to the user related to the basic issues regarding vehicle breakdowns. User would be able to solve his/her problem related to vehicle’s engine breakdowns within few touches. AI part guides the app to take user to specific AR given advancements that will guide the user guide in a 3D view.
This app will be providing a complete step-by-step AR based tutorials. This app provides a communication link between manufacturer and user. As there is no general system for engine assistance of vehicles, which is being possible through this app. Problem StatementC Bot is an app for novice user who have lack of experience and lack of knowledge of vehicle’s breakdown possibilities. This app helps user in figuring out the basic problems regarding engine of vehicles. As there exists no general system which could guide user in troubleshooting the reason of vehicle’s breakdown. Systems which could keep record of vehicle’s attributes. Yes, similar system does exist, but that is specifically for a single make. That system does not provide troubleshooting and is not applicable on other vehicles, this is the biggest reason for “C bot This app provides AR based troubleshooting. C Bot provides generic view and guidence for all vehicles. It keeps the record of the vehicle’s engine and provides health. Problem Solution for Proposed SystemThis app provides a complete guide view of engine to the user with AR effects. First, a user will be asked few questions that will be designed intelligently using AI techniques, the questions will be able to troubleshoot the reason for vehicle’s breakdown. Each question’s answer will route towards a specific problem. After first AI questionnaire process user will be guided towards the solution that will be displayed in augmented Reality based video tutorials. If user’s issues still persist then the app will provide a communication link between him and the vehicle manufacturer through in-app Chat-bot.
The app will also keep the record of different types of oils injected and provides health score of vehicle. It will also remind user to change oils and do service based on health score of vehicle.
This app will reduce the complexity by only focusing on engine and not on interior/exterior of the vehicle, which is not the case in the similar app.

AI questions
AR guided videos
Communication Chatbot
Health Score
Record Maintenance.

Related System Analysis/Literature ReviewHyundai Virtual Guide:
This system applies only on one vehicle make.
Troubleshooting is not available in case of emergency.
No Maintenance Records are maintained.

Car Performance is not tracked.

The reason to choose this system is because of ratings, review and many similar functionalities to our app design.
Ferrari AR app:
This system applies only to 5 specific Models of Manufacturer.
Troubleshooting is not available in case of emergency.
No Performance Measurement.

The reason to choose this system is because, it has the weaknesses which are strengths of our app.

Volkswagen Test Drive:
This system applies only to some specific Models of Manufacturer.
Troubleshooting is not available in case of emergency.
No Performance Measurement.

The reason to choose system, is because it uses the technology of Augmented Reality like our app, but has extremely limited features.

Table SEQ Table * ARABIC 1: Related System Analysis with proposed project solution
Application Name Weakness Proposed Project Solution
Hyundai Virtual Guide
Ferrari AR app
Volkswagen Test Drive Specialized for one vehicle.

No troubleshooting feature.

No Maintenance records.

No Performance Measurement.

Works only for 5 specific models of Ferrari.

It only allows to dismantle a car on a component level.

No Performance Measurement.

Specialized for few Models of Volkswagen.

No troubleshooting feature.

No Performance Measurement.

General system for all <= 1800 CC cars.

Troubleshooting in case of emergency.
Record Keeping.

Performance is tracked and reported.

General system for all <= 1800 CC cars.

Troubleshooting Functionality for Engine assembly
Performance is tracked and reported.

General system for all <= 1800 CC cars.

Troubleshooting Functionality for Engine assembly.

Performance is tracked and reported
Advantages/Benefits of Proposed SystemFollowing are the advantages of “this app”:
System is general for <= 1800 CC cars of all manufacturers.

In-App Chat Feature for Manufacturer Support.

Engine assembly troubleshooting in case of emergency.

Less complex system, it’s easy and simple to use.

Keeps track of Vehicle’s health.

Maintenance of vehicle.

Maintenance of vehicle is recorded for extended Reliability.

No Technical knowledge required to use this system.

User friendly
ScopeCBot is an app which will provide the user a complete guide of a vehicle if broke down or even user needs learning about it the engine. The App will be a AI and AR combination based technique at backend that will guide a user very smoothly and easy to understand view of his vehicle at frontend. If the issue or query of user remains unsolved the app will open a chat bot that will connect the user and car manufacturing support.

It will also be a health check monitor for a vehicle that keeps reminding user to keep his vehicle healthy
ModulesThe Project C Bot comprises of 7 Core Modules, each with a set of 4 Features.
Module 1: Object Scanner
M1F1: Car Scanning
Whenever the application is started, the first feature that loads is Car Scanner. It scans whether a particular Car Engine is supported by the application or not.

M1F2: Component Scanning
This is a second type of Scanner, which scans the different components of Engines and other associated Parts.
M1F3: Identifying Supported Components
Each component is identified uniquely and the Guide about it is loaded into the memory.

M1F4: Searching for possible issues
Against each component, it looks for the set of possible issues in the database and presents a list of those issues, from which you user can begin initial troubleshooting.

Module 2: Troubleshooter
M2F1: AI Troubleshooting Questionnaire
User selects a particular component. The, a standard questionnaire is provided to him, in which all of the possible Incident information is recorded (if any). In case of no incident, the report is based on the description of abnormality user is facing in operation.

M2F2: Standard Maintenance Checks
Standard set of Maintenance checks is performed in order to assess the correct state of problem and to check whether car is maintained as recommended or not
M2F3: Possible Electronic Problems Showcase
After the maintenance checks have been performed, based on them, all the possible electronic Problems are showcased in an Interactive fashion
M2F4: Possible Mechanical Problems Showcase
After the maintenance checks have been performed, based on them, all the possible Problems related to Car Mechanics are showcased in an Interactive fashion.

Module 3: AR based Solutions
M3F1: All possible Electronic Solutions
Once a problem is identified, all of the possible electronic solutions are provided to user, from which user selects the best one to employ
M3F2: All possible Mechanical Solutions
Once a problem is identified, all of the possible mechanical solutions are provided to user,
from which user selects the best one to employ
M3F3: Loading Correct Graphics
Once, a solution is selected, the 3D Image and video graphics are loaded which are
augmented, not real
M3F4: Solution Complexity
Based on the solution animation, user observes whether he/she can do it or not. If the solution is fairly complex, then it has to be performed by an expert or Technician.

Module 4: Graphics M4F1: 3D representation of each component
Each component is represented in 3D in the smartphone screen
M4F2: Operation Animation
Operation for each component is loaded in form of a 3D animation, whenever requested.

M4F3: Display correct representation and animation
Maintains the accuracy in representations. There should be correct representation for each component.

M4F4: Car Pictures after each Incident
Optionally, after each incident, Car pictures can be saved in order to maintain a safe record for maintenance and (issue) investigation purposes.

Module 5: Manufacturer Support
M5F1: Correct Car Information
All of the specifications of car are properly logged into the application, so that it can be accessed by the Manufacturer chat bot
M5F2: Report the issue to chatbot
There is a chatbot of several manufacturers, that automates the process of deciding a solution when more than one solutions (electronic or mechanical) are available for a particular problem (electronic or mechanical)
M5F3: Connect to Customer Support
If the problem is not solved or there is any difficulty going with a suggested solution, user
can connect to Customer Support for Manufacturer for a detailed On-Call discussion
M5F4: Standard FAQs
Each company provides a standard FAQs about their Troubleshooting services, a User can check it to see if it is helpful in their scenario.

Module 6: Performance Monitor
M6F1: Keep Maintenance Records
Records are updated after each maintenance. E.g. Records include what items are replaced, treated and information about different Refills of autos like Engine Oil, Brake Oil, Coolant.

M6F2: Monitor the health of each component
Keep a track of the defaulting components; what problem occurred with it and what solution was applied at what time?
M6F3: Keep Mileage and Fuel Consumption Records
Track the Mileage, Distance coverage and Fuel Consumption records in order to compare the Monthly performance
M6F4: Maintenance forecast
Depending on the Health of each component, maintenance issues can be forecasted, like what could happen to a particular component under the current conditions
Module 7: Database
M7F1: Create, Update and View data
Creating, Viewing and Updating the data present in different formats, well maintaining consistency
M7F2: Deleting data
Deleting or removing data, as required and leaving the system in a consistent state
M7F3: Proper abstraction of data
Data is stored in Layer Form, there is a many kinds of data, pictures, models, text, animations and each bit of it is present in different models in accepted hierarchy – the data is present where it is required. Data of one layer doesn’t affect other.

M7F4: Data Backup on Cloud
Backup is always a safe practice. We maintain backup of our application on Cloud.

System Limitations/ConstraintsThese are the limitations of the system:
Works only for engine capacity less than and equal to 1800cc.

Works only for right-hand drive Cars.

Engines smaller than VX are not supported.

Software Process MethodologyIn “this app” development, Evolutionary Process Model will be used. As they are more suitable for Objects Oriented concepts, which is a kind of perfect for “this app”. As requirements can change over a period of time during software development, so it is a good approach. This methodology provides concurrency among specification, development and validation phase as well.
Design Methodology”This app” is using Object Oriented Programming approach. Everything is an object, according to this terminology, Object Oriented Approach proves to be the best option available. For instance, all the engine parts are considered objects in “this app”. OOP divides work into easily manageable parts which are easy to debug then.
Tools and Technologies These tools and technologies will be used.

Table SEQ Table * ARABIC 2: Tools and Technologies for Proposed Project
Tools Version Rationale
Android Studio 3.1.3/higher IDE
AR Toolkit 2015/higher IDE
OpenGL 4.6/higher Graphics
Adobe Photoshop CSC 6/higher Design Work
MS Word 2013/higher Documentation
MS Power Point 2013/higher Presentation
Balsamik Mockups 3 3.5.16/higher Mockups Creation
Technology Version Rationale
Java 6.0 Programming language
aws Cloud Storage
SQL 2013 Query Language
Project Stakeholders and Roles Write down the project stakeholders and their roles.

Table SEQ Table * ARABIC 3: Project Stakeholders for Proposed Project
Project Sponsor COMSATS University, Islamabad
Stakeholder Stake holders with their roles and responsibilities.

Osama Safdar
Usama Abrar
Mr. Tehseen Riaz Abbassi
Evaluation team/committee
Team Members Individual Tasks/Work DivisionTable SEQ Table * ARABIC 4: Team Member Work Division for Proposed Project
Student Name Student Registration Number Responsibility/ Modules
Osama Safdar FA16-BCS-030 Describe the work division of each
student along with modules

Mr. Ali (Module1-Module3)
Augmented reality design ; implementation and Databases tasks.
Usama Abrar FA16-BCS-031
Data Gathering ApproachOnline Survey is our approach for data gathering. Data is gathered through web searching. Similar Apps are being examined for mobile phones. We gathered data through video tutorials as well.

ConceptsArtificial Intelligence
Augmented Reality
Mobile Application Development
Gantt chartCreate the Grant Chart and provide estimated start and end dates of all proposed modules/tasks for each team member. Also identify the dependencies (which tasks cannot be started/completed, until the dependent task is completed). Gantt chart can be created using MS Project.

Figure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 1: Sample Gantt chart
MockupsMockups of core modules are shown below:
Mockup1: Scanning
Mockup2: Troubleshooter

Mockup3: AR Based Solutions

Mockup4: Graphics

Mockup5: Manufacturer Support

Mockup6: Performance Monitor

Mockup7: Database
ConclusionBy the use of this app user will be able to track down and resolve his/her vehicle issue in no time it will also save him from trouble on road and finding a mechanic. It will also be economical for him.
As a project we will get learn to use all the tools and technologies mentioned above. Through “C BOT”, we will learn software using skills and documentation skills and new concepts like Augmented Reality. Team working skills will be improved as well.
ReferencesMention the books, research papers, web links etc.
Plagiarism ReportAttach the Plagiarism report of your project scope document from library staff of turnitin tool (http://turnitin.com)