• According to Salovey and Mayer• According to Salovey and Mayer

• According to Salovey and Mayer (1990) emotional intelligence is:
“The ability to monitor one’s own and others’ feelings and emotions, to discriminate among them and to use this information to guide one’s thinking and actions.”
• According to Reuven Bar-On (1996) emotional intelligence is: “An array of non-cognitive (emotional and social) capabilities, competencies and skills that influence one’s ability to succeed in coping with environmental demands and pressures.”

• According to Six Seconds Team (1997) emotional intelligence is: “The capacities to create optimal results in your relationships with yourself and others.”

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• According to Maurice Elias (2001): “Emotional intelligence is the set of abilities that we like to think of as being on the other side of the report card from the academic skills.”

• According to Peter Salovey and John Mayer (2002) emotional intelligence is: “The ability to perceive emotions, to access and generate emotions so as to assist thought, to understand emotions and emotional meanings, and to reflectively regulate emotions in ways that promote emotional and intellectual growth.”

• According to Hein (2005, 2008, and 2009) emotional intelligence is: “The mental ability we are born with which gives our emotional sensitivity and potential for emotional management skills that help us maximize our long term health, happiness and survival.”(2005)

• According to Byron Stock (2007): “Emotional Intelligence (EI) is the ability to acquire and apply knowledge from your emotions and the emotions of others.” You can use the information about what you’re feeling to help you make effective decisions about what to say or do (or not to say or do) next.

• According to Travis Bradberry and Jean Greaves (2009): “Emotional intelligence is your ability to recognize and understand emotions in yourself and others, and your ability to use this awareness to manage your behaviour and relationships.”
• According to Golis Chris (2009): “EQ is achieving Self- and Social Mastery by being smart with core emotions.”

• According to Wikipedia (the free encyclopedia)(2010): “Emotional Intelligence (EI), often measured as an Emotional Intelligence Quotient (EQ), describes a concept that involves the ability, capacity, skill or (in the case of the trait EI model) a self-perceived ability, to identify, assess, and manage the emotions of one’s self, of others, and of groups”.

• According to Dr. Daniel Goleman (1955): “Emotional intelligence is a person’s ability to manage his feelings so that those feelings are expressed appropriately and effectively. According to Goleman, emotional intelligence is the largest single predictor of success in the workplace”.